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Project Title: Alternative Access to Educational Materials

Award number: 0413
Project Leader: Bunnie Johnson-Messelt, DS Coordinator
Report Period: mid-year

Project Description:

  • The purpose of this project is to obtain equipment that will allow timely access to an alternative format of printed matieral for students with disabilities.  The project purchased a computer and high speed scanner to scan, edit, and save text to a CD or disk.  From this format, students can use a screen reader to access the audio version of the text.  The project also purchased ReadPlease Plus software for audio output.  This will allow the computer to audio record the saved text into a cassette format for student use.

Progress toward Milestones:

  • The project has completed the objectives.  The computer, scanner, ReadPlease Plus software and Handi-Cassette II player have been purchased.  The equipment is operational.  DS staff, department workstudy students, and front office staff have been trained in the use of the equipment and software.  UND Disability Support Services staff provided the training in the use of the equipment and software.


  • The equipment and software were ordered and made operational by March 2005.  The training in the use of the equipment and software was conducted in April 2005.  During summer 2005, the equipment was used for one textbook.  Currently for fall semester,  22 textbooks have been scanned for 10 students.  We continue to have requests for textbooks in alternate format each day as new students open a file. 

    The NDSU Counseling Center/Disability Services department provided the financial resources for the training of the staff.

    The items purchased and costs are as follows:
    Computer with USB or SCSI 3 Interface-Windows XP Operating System-$1229.00
    DR 9080C Series Scanner-$6495.00
    ABBYY Fine Reader 7.0 Software-$308.94
    ReadPlease Plus Software-$69.90
    Handi-Cassette II Player/Recorder-$188.00
    Office Pro 2003 License-$53.00

Funding Summary:
NDSU fund number: 18559
Carryover:                            0.00
Award:                             9115.00
YTD expenses:                      8343.84
Anticipated remaining expenses:       0.00
Unspent amount:                     771.16

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