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Technology Fee Awards Announcement

Funding for Fall 2005

The Technology Fee Advisory Committee (TFAC) received10 proposals requesting a total of $174,592.10 in the Fall Call for Proposals. On October 27, 2005, the TFAC met to examine all requests. The proposals were considered twice. The first time, they were all discussed with no formal motions and without regard to budget. Comments generated during the discussion on each proposal were sent to its author.

After the discussion, the committee members ranked the proposals individually using a ten-point scale. Finally, the committee discussed each proposal a second time with formal motions in the order that they were ranked and with attention to budget.

Based on the recommendations by the TFAC, Provost Schnell approved the following proposals.

  • 0511   ACL Software Problem Sets and Training:
    Herbert Snyder, Accounting & Information Systems  $1,300.00  Funded.
  • 0512   New Media for General Education:
    Tom Isern, History. $ 4,175.22 NOT Funded
  • 0513   Enhancing the Computer Capacity of the IME Computer Cluster:
    Kabmbiz Farahmand, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering $12,263.00   NOT funded.
  • 0514   Computer Cluster Computational Physics Laborary:
    Alan Denton, Physics, $12,690.00 Funded.
    Final Report
  • 0515   Upgrading the Library Cluster to Support Advanced Graphics Applications and 3D Rendered Simulations:
    Brian Slator, Computer Science  $15,040.00 NOT Funded.
  • 0516   Responsible Printing Initiative (RPI) Supplementary Budget Request:
    James Ross, ITS  $16,000  Funded.
  • 0517   Soils-geospatial Technology Computer Library:
    Bruce Seelig, Frank Casey, David Hopkins, Soil Science, $21,864.88  NOT funded
  • 0518   Open Source Computational Tools for the Development of Multi-participant Instructional Modules:
    Ganapathy Mahalingam $29,259.00  NOT funded
  • 0519   Wireless Lab for Hybrid Writing Classes:
    Dale Sullivan and Kevin Brooks, English  $29,259.00 Funded.
  • 0520   Electronic Accreditation/Assessment System (TaskStream Software):
    Jeanette Hoffman Johnson, Education $34,650.00  NOT funded.

The TFAC members unanimously recommended purchasing the Academic Suite during its meeting of October 13, 2005. The estimated cost for the acquisition and implementation of the Academic Suite is $152,405.00.

Action plan 0521 entitled Extended Blackboard E-Learning Infrastructure submitted by ITS was the formal proposal request document which was not part of the total funding requests discussed on October 27, 2005 as it previously had been reviewed for funding at the earlier date.   (see – Oct 31, 2005 memo to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs).

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