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Funded Action Plans Fall 2008

The Technology Fee Advisory Committee (TFAC) received seven proposals requesting a total of $1,279,024.80 in the Fall 2008 Call for Proposals on October 1, 2008. The committee met to review the proposals on October 30. The designated primary reviewer and secondary reviewers of each proposal gave summary statements to the committee regarding the proposal, citing any issues or concerns or general feeling about recommendations for or against funding. After considerable discussion the TFAC made funding recommendation to the Bonnie Neas, Vice President for Information Technology.

Vice President Neas further reviewed the proposals and committee recommendations and approved funding in the following way:

0901 New Classroom Technology
Information Technology Services submitted a proposal on behalf of NDSU faculty to increase the number of NDSU instrumented classrooms. The funding will accommodate 18 classrooms, and partial instrumentation of 3 teaching clusters. The costs covers equipment purchased such as projectors, document cameras, and switchers that are on an established refresh schedule. $223,460 Melissa Stotz  Partially funded, $33,480

0902 Expanded Main Library Computer Cluster
The Libraries are working together with ITS to add 18 desktop computers to the Main Library reference area and has requested funding to support seating tables, wiring and security for the machines. $15,990 Mark England, Jeremy Brown  Partially funded $1,800

0903 Develop a Pilot Project for NDSU Institutional Digital Repository
The Library requested funding to develop the infrastructure, interface and mechanisms to support an institutional digital repository for NDSU data sets, text, and images. The funding goes toward workstations, and primarily development staff who will work on creating the framework for the project and developing policies and procedures. $44,780.80 Jeremy Brown  Not funded

0904 Implement an Improved Interlibrary Loan System
The Library seeks funding to implement OCLC’s Illiad software to replace a home-grown system that uses a variety of out-dated integrated software systems. This software would provide NDSU students a consistent user interface and better overall service when using the Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan Services. $13,498 Jeremy Brown  Partially funded $12,248.00

0905 Ongoing Funding for Student Technology Support and Services
This proposal includes cost of continuing essential IT Services directly benefiting students. Such services include core support and maintenance of general and specialized computer labs, printing, multimedia equipment/support, training, and learning assistance. The funding covers equipment purchases, hardware replacement, software, materials, supplies and student salaries and ongoing maintenance costs. $950,696 Sheree Kornkven, Melissa Stotz, John Underwood, Lincoln Bathie  Partially funded $475,348

0906 Meteorological Daily Observation Form
This project requires Introduction to Meteorology and Climatology class students to report metrological observations via a web-based data entry system. The project director is requesting funds to be able to transfer the technology to build this Web form where students can access to record their observations. $600 Adnan Akyuz  funded.

0907 Transaction System Annual License Fees
The Blackboard transaction system serves nearly all students, faculty and staff. The system provides access to funds through interfaces to the card production system (ID cards), for services such as print management (Go Print), and door access (CBORD) as well as meal plan access. The annual software and hardware fees for the transaction system are nearly $75K per year. The Bison Card Center is requesting support for this service. $30,000 Wendy Clarin  Not funded

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