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Project Title:Performance Assessment: DVD Recording of Student Clinic

Award number: #0301
Project Leader: Dean Gross
Report Period: Final

Project Description:

Evaluation methods are needed to assess the physical assessment skills of undergraduate and graduate nursing students. Faculty traditionally have provided student feedback based on direct observation of physical assessment skills. Direct observation/evaluation of the student is currently in "real time" allowing no opportunity for reflective appraisal of the students' health assessment skills. The project director would like to videotape students' health assessment encounters in the observation room in Sudro Hall. These digital recordings would subsequently be "burned" onto a DVD for faculty and student evaluation after the encounter, providing faculty and students the ability to repeatedly and comprehensively review individual assessment skills.

Progress toward Milestones:

  • 8/3/03 Digital camera and DVD burning software installed in Sudro observation room. Numerous delays occurred in securing the camera and associated operating equipment. The delays were related to my desire to secure the most economical method of buying the hardware. Thus, even though I was delayed in the start I ended up with the product that is most suited to the desired outcome for the project. For example the camera cost was nearly $2000 less than if I had bought it locally. The careful selection of associated products has allowed be to effectively use the grant monies and better serve the needs of the students.

Final Update: Each semester's final exams resulted in an improved end product. By the end of the summer 2004 the Video Camera and DVD burner worked properly. Resulting in an outstanding product.

  • 10/15/03 Graduate Nursing Students are videotaped and copy of DVD provided to faculty/student for review.
    Didn't occur on the scheduled date secondary to a delay in setting up the camera and DVD recorder in the observation room. After several weeks of reviewing software and camera functions I am currently able to directly link the camera to the computer via a firewire. Once the student session is completed the computer immediately burns the DVD. The camera and DVD recorder have been functional since the start of final exams with over 12 DVDs burned of student interactions. Faculty student review of the DVDs will occur at the beginning of the spring semester secondary to time restrictions at the end of the fall semester.

Final Update:

  • Faculty and students have been to review the DVDs successfully as of the end of the summer semester 2004. Returning students from the summer of 2004 have yet to complete their review of their summer final exam secondary to all of the transition between summer and fall semesters. Students are expected to complete their reviews of their final exams before September 14th, 2004. Students will complete a survey on September 14th on the validity of the video review.
  • 12/12/03 Graduate Nursing Students complete survey on utilization of DVD, Faculty review impact on student learning.
    Once all the exams have been completed and opportunity for faculty student review occurs, the surveys will be distributed. Final exams for students started 12/9/03 and will be completed on 12/16/03. I anticipate completion of the surveys in late January 2004. The delay should not have any significant impact on the project goals.

Final Update: The surveys will be completed and evaluated after 9/14/04.

  • 5/7/04 Undergraduate Nursing Students complete survey on utilization of DVD, Faculty review impact on student learning.

Final Update:

  • Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to review exams at the end of the fall semester 2004. Delays occurred secondary to implementation of the camera and software experienced with the graduate students.
  • 5/12/04 Faculty compare Undergraduate and Graduate student performance and consider changes to enhance curriculum for fall 2004

Final Update:

  • Discussions have occurred in response to review of current videos on DVD. The DVD had significant implications in the summer semester 2004. One graduate student's performance was considered inadequate based on the course coordinators observation of her final physical exam. The coordinator reviewed the DVD video and found the observations valid. In fact, further review of the DVD found the student had a poorer performance (lower grade) as compared to the first impression. To further validate the students performance the DVD was copied and forwarded to a faculty peer at another University (with students the permission) for review. The review by the coordinator and peer faculty agreement of a failing performance resulted in the student failing the course. The student also had the opportunity to review the DVD and understands why the grade was given. The ability to review what occurred versus discuss based on reflection is an important outcome. This example has vividly enhanced the faculty desire to record final physical exams. Faculty have discussed further opportunities in other nursing courses where students' interactions can be recorded and reviewed at a later time.


Final Update:

  • The long process and challenges of setting up the camera and burning the final exam onto a DVD was well worth the effort. The student who failed the course may have passed without the opportunity to review an exact recording of what transpired during the exam. Numerous activities go undetected when observing a physical exam, both positive and negative assessments that faculty observers may not see during the "live" exam. The peer faculty member was very impressed with the technology. They currently use a VHS system to record final exams. The difference in picture quality and sound quality was enough that he is recommending a change to the DVD format. In conclusion, although the recording and burning to a DVD for faculty and student review seemed so straightforward, the literature remains void of such applications. I am hoping that this experience also results in a publication so the process can be shared with other colleagues

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number: 1534
Carryover: 0.00
Award: 0.00
YTD expenses: 3245.00
Anticipated remaining expenses: 0.00
Unspent amount: -3245.00

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