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Project Title: New Technology for the Veterinary Technology Program

Award number: 0303
Project Leader: Eloyes Hill
Report Period: Final

Project Description:

The technology fee funds were used to purchase a microscope and various multimedia equipment for use in the Veterinary Technology Program. We started using the equipment as fast as our learning curves permitted, and it has all rapidly become indispensable. We have used everything, and still have much to learn to improve our skills.

Progress toward Milestones:

Progress has been made in every project milestone. We are still perfecting conversion of digital video into video CDs and/or DVDs. This has been the most difficult project to date whereas using the other equipment is becoming more familiar.

We have used the digital camera heavily resulting in hundreds of images, many of which have been incorporated into several Power Point presentations for class use. It also has been satisfactory for use with the microscope; we are able to project the microscopic field onto the big screen as well as take images of the field. Our work study student has scanned several carousels of photographic slides. The document camera has been a great addition for demonstrating procedures from knot tying to suturing. We've also discovered it can be used for instrument quizzes so the entire class can take the quiz at once.

The equipment has been used in all of our classes to some degree by all of our staff.


Having state of the art equipment has uplifted the staff and student morale tremendously, in addition to the obvious benefits mentioned above. It is also such a pleasure to show prospective students our program, we are very proud of our new technology. The students are also very aware of the fact that it has been their technology fee money that has made all of this possible.

We anticipate using the remaining funds for the movie making project and to improve the laboratory work station where most of the equipment is used.

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number: 1529
Carryover: 0.00
Award: 18470.00
YTD expenses: 16825.00
Anticipated remaining expenses: 1645.00
Unspent amount: 1645.00

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