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Project Title: Library Computer Update

Award number: 0309
Project Leader: Mark England
Report Period: Final

Project Description:

The NDSU Library asked for $38,560 to replace approximately 30 older computers used by students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. The computers are used to do many tasks, including the following:

  • Find and read research articles,
  • Find books and other library materials,
  • Research topics using the Internet,
  • Read electronic mail messages
    Use the Blackboard system and use other instructional web pages for classes,
  • Display and print maps and other images

The Library had no funds to purchase the new computers. Thin client computers (NICs) purchased with funds from the Technology Fee program are fine for limited use on the internet, checking email, and using the library catalog. However, the thin clients are not able do many of the tasks that are required of a library workstation including: printing large, or more complex PDF files; display documents made available on the internet using proprietary software; display web resources that use selected browser plugin software; or run proprietary telnet clients required to access selected databases currently licensed by the library.

New computer workstations in the Library benefit the majority of NDSU students.

Progress toward Milestones:

July 2003: Project year began

August 2003: Computers ordered and received

October 2003: A problem with back-ordered locks and ITS software
to secure the new computers delayed installation until October 2003

June 2004: ITS hasn't provided the Library with software that limits use by persons not affiliated with NDSU, even though ITS was requested to do so in
April 2003.

Project year ends


Thank you for funding this plan. The computers are heavily used by students.

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number: 1511
Carryover: 0.00
Award: 38560.00
YTD expenses: 36971.00
Anticipated remaining expenses: 0.00
Unspent amount: 1589.00

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