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Project Title: New Technology for the Veterinary Technology Program

Award number: TFAC #0303
Project Leader: Eloyes Hill:
Report Period: Mid-year

Project Description:

The technology fee funds have been used to purchase a microscope and
multimedia equipment for use in the Veterinary Technology Program
classrooms. The equipment is being used to create visual aids in lecture
and lab as well as being used in other aspects of the program.

Progress toward Milestones:

The digital camera has been the most heavily used purchase so far, along with the microscope and computer. We have been using them to add to our image collections for our classes. Opportunities abound! But they are opportunities only because the equipment is so easy and convenient to use. In the past, we had to pass up the opportunities due to lack of equipment. For instance, we now have images of a rare red blood cell morphology, yeast from a dog's ear, ringworm lesions and three new Power Point Presentations of anatomy specimens that were immediately used in that class. The VCR/DVD player, camera, microscope and projector are also used routinely in hematology lab to demonstrate procedures, identify white blood cells and red blood cell morphology. We have started using the scanner to convert hundreds of transparencies to digital form. The animal breeds instructor uses the computer and projector in class weekly. We are anxious to use the video camera to make some instructional videos. To date we have more plans for the equipment than we've found time to carry out, but everything is as useful as expected and we feel we are really enhancing our teaching.


We are so pleased that our proposal was chosen. We think we are using the funds in ways that are greatly improving the quality of our teaching program and helping to ensure that NDSU's Veterinary Technology Program continues to be one of the top ranked programs in the country.

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number: 1529
Award: $18,470
YTD expenses: 14,370
Anticipated remaining expenses: 4,100
Unspent amount: 4,100

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