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New Classroom Technology Priorities

Project Title: New Classroom Technology Priorities
Submitted by: Rosi Kloberdanz, ITS
Date: September 27, 2006

Award number: 0508
Account number: 18539
Report period: Final Report

This proposal was submitted on behalf of the NDSU faculty. The proposal is the standard Spring request for Technology Fee funding to increase the number of NDSU instrumented classrooms. Based on requests submitted by faculty, and evaluated and prioritized by the CITPG Classroom Technology Subcommittee, this proposal requests funding for instrumentation in 16 classrooms.

Note: All on-going support funding for the proposed expansion of the instrumented classroom pool, as well as all support for existing instrumented classroom and related classroom technology, was requested in the Spring 2005 TFAC proposal entitled “Ongoing Funding for Student Technology Support and Services.”

Milestones: Accomplishments:

-8 complete instrumented classrooms were installed
-4 partially-instrumented classrooms were installed
-3 Hitachi interactive panels were purchased, evaluated, and installed -Sonic Shock security alarms were purchased and installed -Purchased and installed additional necessary technology to enhance classroom technology resources (i.e, wireless microphone added to classroom PRS timers purchased and installed)

Additional initiatives (see Note #2 in Comments section):
-Purchased and installed two closed-captioning device decoders to service disabled students in the classrooms -Purchased and installed 3 IPLink controllers and intercoms for testing -Enhanced classroom teaching podiums by mounting equipment controls on top of podiums. Included 55 wooden wedges put in place to mount controllers, 55 monitor covers, and 55 metal plates.
- Replaced videoconferencing equipment in the IACC 422 classroom as the equipment was no longer compatible with the state requirements.

Starting fund balance:
$ 50,138.00
Award amount:
$ 123,350.00
(See note #1) $ 156,194.00
Current balance: anticipated to be used
$ 17,294.00
(see note #3) $ 9,000.00

NOTE #1:
This fund started with a balance of $50,138. This was a result of two initiatives (one supported by Provost Schnell and one supported by TFAC) in support of classroom technologies combined into the same fund.

NOTE #2: These additional initiatives were paid for out of the additional dollars in the fund that were supplied by Provost Schnell to be used for classroom needs.

NOTE #3: We will be using approximately $8,294 additional out of the dollars that Provost Schnell earmarked for classroom initiatives to supply 3 laptops and associated software for the videoconferencing (IVN) classrooms on campus, and to replace the sound system in one of those classrooms. The current laptops used in these rooms are not capable of supporting the video that instructors need to run over the IVN network. The audio in one classroom is of very poor quality, cuts out, and has limited directional range. Current balance in the account is $17,294.00. Final balance, after the purchase of the laptops and sound system will be approximately $9,000, which Dr. Gerst has asked be transferred to TFAC.

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