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Progress Report

Project Title: ISO Burning Station
Submitted by: Joe Latimer, MIS
March 3, 2007

Award number: 0602
Account number: 19593
Reporting perioid: 1

The ISO Burning Station provides students who are eligible to participate in the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) the ability to burn images of their Microsoft software directly to their own media.  It allows us to to fully automate the distribution of the software to the students.  This greatly reduces the delivery time to the students and the administrative costs of the program.

The online documentation for this program is at:


Summer 2006:
Attempted to create Windows applications that would meet distribution and security requirements.  Also attempted to set up the station as a dual purpose machine that could be used the TLC.  It was finally decided to use the equipment as a dedicated burning station.

Fall 2006:
By mid Fall Semester it was decided that the Windows application approach would not be completed in a timely fashion and we opted to use a Linux base solution.

The Linux based solution was beta tested with 46 students in the MIS 470 class. 

Spring 2007:
ISO Burning Station up and running on January 29, 2007.

In the three days of January and the month of February 178 unique students ordered a total of 507 software packages from Microsoft.  And, there have been 267 logins on the ISO burning station.  There are currently 1,709 students eligible to participate in the MSDNAA program.

Award amount: $1,720.00
Expenses: $1,546.95
Remaining expenses: 0.00

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