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Progress Report

Project Title :
Ongoing Funding for Student Technology Support and Services
Award Number: 0603
Submitted by Rosi Kloberdanz & Sheree Kornkeven
March 9, 2007

Account Number: 18556

Report Period: Mid-year (ending 12/31/06)

This proposal includes the ongoing cost to provide equipment, hardware refresh, maintenance, software, materials, supplies, and student salaries to continue IT services in support of the teaching and learning missions of the University.  This funding request also includes ongoing maintenance and support for the new instrumented classrooms that were funded by the TFAC Committee in previous year.


• All hardware and software for Clusters, Classrooms, Help Desk, and TLC was  purchased and installed by beginning of fall semester.
• Software testing and computer images were deployed successfully before the fall semester
• Software testing and computer images for spring semester accepted and successfully deployed. 

Student Employees:
• Student employees interviewed, hired, and trained
• STS fall professional development program implemented
• Updated STS student employee handbook
• Completed STS student supervisor handbook
• Participated in summer freshman orientation events
• Held fall retreat for all ITS student employees
• Personnel files created and updated for all ITS student employees
• Performance evaluations completed for all ITS student employees and raises administered to qualifying student employees

Student Learning Services:
Technology Learning Center and Student Technology Short Classes:

• Set up TLC lab
• Purchased and installed equipment and software
• Scheduled lab hours for summer and fall semesters
• Reviewed and updated Sponge online learning resources—content and design of Web page (
• Accepted Sponge training requests from instructors and scheduled training
• Planned for spring semester Sponge projects
• Updated online resources
• Provided classroom training for instructors’ classes as requested through the Sponge program: Topics included plotting in PowerPoint, PowerPoint, Publisher, Photoshop, music  videos, e-portfolios, and Dreamweaver
• Summer and fall short classes evaluated
• Summer and fall short classes planned, scheduled and advertised
• Fall short classes planned, scheduled and posted
• Number of Sponge classes (training or workshops):  29
• Sponge class contacts:  421
• Sponge class contact hours:  861
• Number of short classes:  77
• Student short classes contact hours:  948
• Hours of training:  154
• Number of TLC walk-in contacts:  2200 (46% related to multimedia) 

Fall Semester Help Desk Equipment Usage:

• Digital still cameras:  10 cameras available
• Digital still camera reservations:  810 (15,000 hours)
• Digital video cameras: 16 cameras available
• Video camera reservations:  890 (16,500 hours) – almost double last year
• Laptop computers:  14 computers available
• Laptop computer reservations:  1,000 (10,300 hours) 

Responsible Printing:
• The Responsible Printing project has successfully reduced printing waste in the clusters.  In 2005-06, ITS purchased 7.2 million sheets of paper.  For 2006-07, we are on target with an estimated 4 million sheets of paper.  There are 50 active release printers within the system located in 33 areas around campus.
• As of December 31st, $52,733 has been spent of the initial $84,120 budget.
• The additional funding of $58,488 that was directly connected to increasing the allocation is being held by student government and remains intact.
• In 2005 – 2006 TFAC purchased 7.2 million sheets of paper; in fall 2006 TFAC purchased 2.4 million sheets of paper.
• The original business plan estimated a $43,000 income from students who exceeded their allocation. As of Dec 31st the income was $2,482. Changes have been made to the project to address this shortfall and we are confident that the budget of $84,120 will not be exceeded.

Award Amount $849.503.00
Remaining Expenses $435,001.00
CommentsBudget number through 12/31/06

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