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Progress Report

Project title: New Classroom Technology
Award number 0604
Submitted by Rosi Kloberdanz
January 8, 2008

Fund number 18539
Amount awarded to project:  $79,600
Project Expenses to Date:  $79,600
Anticipated Remaining Expenses:   $5447.30

Description: This proposal was submitted on behalf of the NDSU faculty.  It is the standard Spring request for TFAC funding to increase the number of NDSU instrumented classrooms.  TFAC funding was provided for installation of 3 complete instrumented classrooms, as well as to incorporate new management tools in each of the existing classrooms. 


  • 3 complete instrumented classrooms were installed
  • Specialty switching configuration was developed and installed in Lib 14a/b/c clusters
  • 50 existing instrumented classroom controllers were upgraded with enhanced controllers allowing ITS the ability to troubleshoot, control, and gather information remotely.

NOTE:   This fund originally was comprised of two parts:

  1. $8,294 which was a carry-over from money that Provost Schnell had originally deposited into the fund, separate from TFAC dollars.
  2. $7,065 = savings from equipment price reductions  

    A request was submitted to Provost Schnell to use the remaining dollars in this fund to reconfigure cables in all of the classrooms that have deteriorated due to worn and unsafe wiring, to remove PRS brackets and cables, and revamp other areas of the classrooms that needed improvement.   This proposal was approved and work begun.  The balance of $5447.30 on 6/30/2007 will be carried forward to finish the classroom upgrade project.

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