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Funded Action Plans Spring 2008

Funding for Spring 2008 (March 4, 2008)The Technology Fee Advisory Committee (TFAC) received nine proposals requesting a total of $1,644,682.83  in the 2008 Spring Call for Proposals on March 4, 2008. Some of the proposals were revised and resubmitted – with the final requests at the 4/11/08 meeting being $836,336.00.

The designated primary reviewer and secondary reviewers of each proposal gave summary statements to the committee regarding the proposal, citing any issues or concerns or general feeling about recommendations for or against funding. After considerable discussion the TFAC recommended the following: 

Based on the recommendations by the TFAC Bonnie Neas, Vice President for Information Technology approved funding in the following way:

Infrastructure Support: Three primary activities supported by technology fee funds are 1) wireless network service, 2) wired network service, and 3) central data center support (Blackboard and Electronic mail). These designated projects are infrastructure in nature and even though there is no formal proposal request submitted, funds are set aside to cover these essential campus services and support. Required each year is an accountability report of expenditures. The Technology Fee provided $265,000 to Enterprise Computing and Infrastructure (ECI) in order to fund network infrastructure, including wireless network service. Expenditures to date (9/11/08) total $243,481, with $21,519 remaining in the fund. For more details regarding the expenditure, view the PFD TFAC 2008 Infrastructure Expenditure Report.

0801 Finance and Accounting Data Bases
The College of Business requests funding for finance and accounting databases subscription or licensing costs.  The two programs, Standard & Poors University and Government Research Insight Network and Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) are heavily used by faculty and students taking business courses.  $35,000   Ron Johnson  Not funded

0802 HP 4200 Printer & Battery Replacements for English Department Laptop Lab (S. Engineering 314)
The NDSU English Club is requesting funds for an HP 4200 series printer to be installed in S. Engineering 314.  This will conveniently allow students and faculty to print from their personal laptops.  The cost for 16 replacement/backup batteries for the campus owned laptops.  The English department is willing to match 45% of the RPI budget fee. $5,080  Carmen Shatz, Megan Velo  Partial funding $1,800

0803 Ongoing funding for Student Technology Support and Services
Proposal includes cost of continuing essential IT Services directly benefiting students. Such services include core support and maintenance of general and specialized computer labs, printing, multimedia equipment/support, training, and learning assistance. The funding covers equipment purchases, hardware replacement, software, materials, supplies and student salaries and ongoing maintenance costs.   $920,071   Sheree Kornkven (revised request 803R - $326,393 – Funded)

0804 New Classroom Technology
Information Technology Services is requesting funding to increase the number of NDSU instrumented classrooms and update existing facilities as per refresh schedule. The funding will accommodate 18 classrooms and partial instrumentation in 3 teaching clusters. The costs covers equipment purchased such as projectors, document cameras and switches, as well other types of maintenance needed.  $216,800   Melissa Stotz  Not funded

0805 The Online Fine Arts Listening Library: Providing Access to Instructional Material through Wireless Streaming Audio
This is a collaborated request from the College of AH&SS, Div. of Fine Arts, and Dept. of Music to further develop the NDSU online Fine Arts Listening library.  Funding will allow students whom are music majors and non music majors to access music files through streaming audio interface. The funds will be put towards server space and a salary for a student worker.  Expansion of this program will enable additional NDSU courses access and integrate this library resource into their teaching curriculum.  $18,060   Michael Thrasher  Not funded

0806 Renewal of PDAs that Enhance the Pharmacy Curriculum
The Department of Pharmacy Practice has requested funds to purchase PDA’s to replace those used in the initial study that are now malfunctioning or broken.  Replacing the units will continue to enhance the pharmacy curriculum by using and housing wireless PDAs in the Concept Pharmacy for another 3-year cycle. Providing students with this valuable technological experience is paramount to their preparation for the healthcare workforce.  $11,127   Kimberly Vess Halbur  Not funded

0807 Bison Information Network studio equipment acquisition and installation
To help foster the growth of NDSU’s Department of Communication, the Student Government Technology Commission submitted a proposal for the Bison Information Network studio equipment acquisition and installation. With the funding, visual media and broadcasting mechanisms will be enhanced, creating a valuable, educational tool for students/faculty and staff.  This new system will enable NDSU to be more competitive with other universities. With this funding NDSU’s Department of Communication will develop a more cohesive partnership within the community. $363,794.83  Mike Ostlie, Peter Gregory (revised request 087R $175,000 -- Funded)   Mid-year report

0808 Portable Computer Lab for Veterinary Technology Program
Veterinary Technology Program is requesting funds to help establish a laptop computer lab in Robinson Hall. The program will be offering a course integrating both computer and classroom elements to help our students better prepare for the Veterinary Technician National Exam and thereby improving NDSU’s student passing rate. Students will be able to convene to study and complete assignments in groups, with an instructor available for consultation.   $3,000   Eloyes Hill, Sarah Wagner  Funded

0809 Web 2.0 Library Tools for Students
This proposal advocates for the purchase of new software that will enable the Library to improve and enhance library services to students. The funding will make it possible to purchase four pieces of software that will pull together the library’s diverse set of resources into a single place for ease of capabilities to search and link directly to resources. If funded, it will be configured and installed during the summer and fall of 2008. $71,750  Mark England, Jeremy Brown  (revised request $46,500 –Funded)


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