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Spring 2009 Proposal Funding

Spring 2009 Funding Allocations:

Based on the recommendations by the TFAC, on May 7, 2009, Vice President Neas recommended distributing the available Spring technology funds in the following way: (Notes are from May 7, 2009)

0908 Novell Server Replacement – NOTE: Recommended and approved for funding on 2-05-09 via a special TFAC meeting.

1001 Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Storage – $1,092

1002 Access Ability Advisor Data Management Program - $5,720

1003 Purchasing of New Equipment and Equipping of a New Video Editing Lab – $40,017.50

1004 Bison Block New Classroom Technology - $36,480

1005 Software and Scanners for Clusters - $61,581.22

1006  Draft-N Wireless Routers Trial Program – no funding

Because of some of the potential security issues with this trial wireless system and its affect on the overall network, the TFAC members were unwilling at this time fund this project.

1007 Increase of Online Storage Space – no funding

TFAC members weren’t convinced that students have demonstrated a need for 10GB. Some felt that Jump Drives would be sufficient as their storage capacity has dramatically increased.  There was some question whether this system could replace either the Novel shared drives or BB MyFiles since this is the same concept, and thus redundant. There was no plan for renewal of licensing, and ongoing maintenance costs. More research and discussion with various campus entities about this is needed, and maybe a survey of students to determine if such storage is a real need for only a small number of students or impacts the larger population.

1008 Career Center Kiosks - Project Director withdrew proposal

1009  Enterprise Computing & Infrastructure Network Engineering & Operations – no funding

TFAC members questioned the benefit to the overall student population. Members felt this was geared toward more faculty use and those researchers in the Technology Park complex.

1010 South Engineering 314 Laptop Cart Refresh and Para-Down – no funding

TFAC members felt this focused on the continuation for having a departmental cluster and questioned whether students couldn’t do the same type of work using their own laptops. Those not supporting this proposal felt it impacted a small number of students and was a very specialized lab.

1011 Memorial Union Movie Theater Upgrade $56,115.72

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