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Technology Fee Advisory Committee Funding

Technology Fee Awards Announcement
Fall 2000

The NDSU Technology Fee Advisory Committee is pleased to announce the awards of the October 5, 2000 Call for Proposals. Funding for these projects have been approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

PLEASE NOTE: an asterisk (*) by the amount indicates that the total amount being requested was NOT the total amount funded.

0016 Campus Attractions Desktop (Nelson), $1,853
Campus Attractions requests support to meet its technology needs of a computer and printer for use by staff and volunteers. Students made clear the need and how this unit impacts large numbers of students.
Final Report

0017 NOT funded

0018 NOT funded

0019 Network Access in Studio Classroom (Erickson) $1,360
The proposal addresses the need for network access and infrastructure in classrooms in the Art Building (8), Askanase Hall (1), and Music Education Building (2).
Final Report

0020 Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities (Anderson) $6,009
This new proposal requests support for equipment and software for use by the hearing and visually impaired. A laptop computer and software were requested for a new caption service called C-Print which provides access to the hearing impaired in the classroom by using a shorthand method to type what is said in class on a computer by a captionist which then appears on the student's screen. In addition, another program, Road Runner, "reads" downloaded textbook using an automated voice for the visually impaired.
Final Report

0021 NOT funded

0022 Free Printing for Students using the NDSU Libraries (England) $12,000
This renewal plan request additional support (see proposal 0015, Spring 2000) to provide free printing (replacement printers, and additional paper and toner) for students and faculty using the Libraries. Justification included the flood in June, which resulted in conversion of many subscriptions to online formats thus placing a greater burden on printers and paper.
Final Report

0023 Building the Digital Library (England), $23,735
The NDSU Libraries requests funds to purchase seven years of back issues of 179 scholarly journals published by Academic Press and IDEAL. As a result of the June flood, the library is converting many subscriptions to online or digital formats. The funds would provide the back issues and the Libraries will be responsible for support present and future subscriptions.
Final Report

0024 Replace NDSU Libraries Servers (England) $6,000*
The proposal requested support to replace four existing servers with three new servers ($14,000). This proposal generated considerable discussion about servers and in particular whether these servers duplicated existing service that the Libraries could obtain by collaborating with ITS. The Committee voted to recommend funding for the Silverplatter server/software ($6,000) which support the library data search but not the remaining servers.
Final Report

0025 Assistive Technology Software Upgrades (Bornsen) $499
This proposal from the Assistive Technology Lab requests funds to purchase a scanner capable of handling new more sophisticated upgrades of a software program, Open Book, that converts text to speech for the visually impaired improving accessibility and providing additional freedoms in not requiring assistance from staff.
Final Report

0026 Market Equity Salary Adjustments (Kloberdanz) $15,763
A survey of market, alluded to in the original proposals, indicated that three staff members supported by Technology Fee were underpaid, and thus ITS made this request for support to make adjustments in their salaries and thereby retaining a knowledgeable staff.
Final Report

0027 NOT funded

0028 Technology Learning Ctr/Sun Ray Training Facility (Kornkven) $28,739
TFAC requested ITS to establish the Enhanced Student Technology Training initiative in 1997. New space has been provided in IACC and ITS is requesting additional support to address increasing demands. The initiative, now called the Technology Learning Center (TLC), requests funds to install a "Thin Client" operating system and additional student help. The Sun Corporation is providing a substantial equipment grant as match.
Final Report

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