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Technology Fee Advisory Committee Funding

Technology Fee Awards Announcement Spring, 1999 The NDSU Technology Fee Advisory Committee is pleased to announce the awards made as a result of the Spring 1999 Call for Proposals. The following is a listing of each award including the project name, the project director's name, the amount of the award, and a brief project description. (The amount indicates only new money and does not include carry-over funds, if any, from last year.)

Continuation of Free Printing for Students using the NDSU Libraries (Mark England) $11,500

  • The award will continue to fund free printing (paper, maintenance, and repair) for students using the NDSU Libraries.

Printing in Public Clusters (Brian Abraham) $120,123

  • This project received funds to provide free printing in the public clusters. The award funds four items: 1) the toner and paper, 2) student salaries to maintain the printers, 3) the assistant cluster manager position, and 4) four replacement printers and one high-speed printer.

Public Cluster Software Support (Bud McMullen) $19,796

  • This award will continue to support students who provide services to the workstations in the public cluster. Under the supervision of the ITS Client Services Work Group, students will install software, restore applications, inspect security applications, and verify software licenses in the public clusters. ("keeping the cluster running.")

Enhanced Student Technology Training (CJ Johnson) $44,094

  • This project is a renewal request that will continue NDSU's efforts to support the student technology training program. Funding for this program will help to improve and enhance training activities for students. The program will support existing training modules and focus on developing new modules as needs dictate. Funds will allow for scheduling classes, promoting course availability, and conducting assessments.

Videoconferencing, Collaboration, and Instructional Center (Brian Abraham) $82,710

  • The Center will house computer/communication technology that will provide a flexible environment for videoconferencing, computer-based collaboration, and computer-assisted instruction in the Ehly Hall addition to College of Engineering and Architecture.

Residence Hall Cluster (Brian Abraham) $560

  • The award (with carry-over monies) will provide continued support for clusters in Weible, Churchill, and Stockbridge.

Multimedia in the Classroom and Support of Classroom Equipment (Brian Abraham) $119,533

  • This project provides continued support for management and maintenance of classroom instructional equipment (staff and student salaries). Funding also supports the upgrading of LCD projectors, replacement of obsolete ones, and additional instrumented classrooms.

Fine Arts Computer Cluster (Brian Abraham) $15,642

  • The award (with carry-over) will fund continued support of the Fine Arts Cluster, and add video editing.

ITS Clusters and Classroom Service Center (Brian Abraham) $160,639

  • The proposal merged two previous technology fee awards, "ACM Consultants" and "Encouraging and Facilitating Student Users of Multimedia" with the purpose of providing for more hours of classroom/cluster technology coverage and "one-stop shopping." Funds were provided for salaries, equipment for checkout (laptops, digital cameral, external CD-recorder, Zip plus drives) and multimedia growth.

Development of the Next Generation of Student-Centered Web-based Program (Sudhi Mehta) $5,460

  • The award supports the development of the next generation of the Daily Homework and Quiz Manager. It will use the latest web-based graphics, database, Internet, and artificial intelligence technologies to provide quick feedback to students and instructors to improve the teaching-learning process.

Team Building Classroom (Brian Abraham) $34,525

  • The project, in cooperation with ITS, the College of Agriculture, the Vice President for Academic Affairs (and support from seven departments) provides for a reconfigured classroom in Morrill Hall. The classroom will incorporate technology that will teach students how to effectively collaborate as they problem-solve and reach decisions. The new classroom will consist of a series of "pods" that will accommodate three individuals per side and contain a computer for the team members to use. When the room is not being used for a regularly scheduled class, it will be open for all campus students to use.

Student E-mail Station in the Memorial Union (Gary Fisher) $4,825

  • The award will create three e-mail stations in the Memorial Union with wiring for two additional station.

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