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Technology Fee Advisory Committee Funding

Summaries of Action Plans Receiving Continuation Funding; NDSU Technology Fee as of 2-27-97

  • The following projects originally received technology fee support for the 1996-97 academic year. Upon the recommendation of the Technology Fee Advisory Committee and the approval of President Plough additional funds were awarded to these projects so that their technology activities could be continued during the 1997-98 academic year. The summary for each continued project is in the form:

Project title
(Project director, unit)
Amount awarded
Brief summary

Installation and maintenance of network connections in residence halls
(Deanne Sperling, Department of Residence Life)

  • The project will complete the installation of 2 data jacks per room in all residence halls by August 24, 1997 for a total of 2700+ data ports; installation of smart hubs in 2 of 12 residence halls which allows for usage of advanced technology in maintaining the system and for analysis of usage of the system; installation of a power filter and associated apparatus to protect the network from power outages and failures; and for on going maintenance needs for the network.

Continued support for expansion to modem pool
(Don Peterson, Information Technology Services)

  • Information Technology Services (ITS) supports 149 modems/phone lines for access to internet and the campus network. This project was funded from the technology fee to pay the monthly costs of maintaining the 23 phone lines that were added to the modem pool October 3, 1996.

Printers in Public Clusters & Library
(Brian Abraham, ITS)

  • This plan provides $84,900 to ITS for continuing the free laser printing in all ITS supported computer clusters and continuing the support of the assistant cluster manager. This proposal also provides $6,700 to continue free laser printing from public workstations and terminals in the NDSU Libraries.

Residence Hall Clusters
(Brian Abraham, ITS)

  • This plan provides funds to keep the new Weible Hall cluster going through June 1998. Most of the computers are finally here, so this cluster of nine computers should be open for use the week of March 10. If this cluster is a success, more residence hall clusters may be requested spring semester 1998.

Maintaining and extending classroom technology
(Nancy Lilleberg, ITS - Multimedia Center)

  • With the continued funding we will assure projection equipment in every classroom building by purchasing four more carts of equipment, maintaining an inventory of projector bulbs, and continuing to deliver, set up, tear down, and store the carts as scheduled by faculty. The number of laptops available for signout will increase from two to six, including one Mac, and a portable 3D document camera will be available for classroom use.

Encouraging and facilitating student use of multimedia
(Nancy Lilleberg, ITS - Multimedia Center)

  • There has been an exciting synergy in the Multimedia Center this year. Students are authoring presentations and web pages, scanning and editing images, checking out our cameras and exercising their creative juices. With the help of the continued funding, we will continue to offer evening and weekend hours, and keep the center accessible to students.

Technology fee enhancements for the NDSU ACM computer consultants program
(Donovan Kruger, NDSU ACM Computer Consultant Program)

  • The NDSU ACM Computer Consultants Program is a very student-interactive funding option for the use of the Technology Fee. The funds subsidized by the Technology Fee are used to provide funding of four major enhancements to the program which employs student consultants: competitive wages; increased person-hours; an additional administrative position; and employee training.

Residence Hall Consulting Services (ResCon)
(Bud McMullen, ITS)

  • ResCon provides full internet connectivity support to students in university residence halls. This includes the installation and configuration of the network adapter and communications software.

Public cluster workstation support
(Bud McMullen, ITS)

  • This project funds student technicians who provide software installation, configuration and maintenance for NDSU public clusters.

Providing assistive technology devices for students with disabilities
(Wanda Grindeland, Center for Student Counseling and Personal Growth)

  • This award continues funding for assistive technology devices that provide equal access to the learning environment for students with disabilities.

Special Assistant for Technology
(Craig Schnell, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs)

  • Provides for funding for a Special Assistant for Technology who works with the Technology Fee Advisory Committee to administer and monitor the technology projects approved by the NDSU President.

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