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Updates, general meeting

Meeting Minutes

Technology Fee Advisory Committee Meeting
Wednesday, December 8, 1999
IACC 204

Members Present:

Doug Boe, Richard Chenoweth (chair), Jeff Gerst, John Grosen, Jonathon Guay, James Landrum, Linda Manikowske, Sudhir Mehta, Dr.Craig Schnell, Jeff Schoenack, Deanne Sperling, Dustin Rehkamp

Members absent:

Adam Dahl, Jamie Sebelius

The minutes from 11/17/99 were approved. TFAC members heard a brief update of the financial status of the tech fee funding account. There should be at the end of the fiscal year, allowing for some emergency funds (about $100,000), approximately $100,000 of unallocated funds. This led to a discussion of whether it should all be retained as "reserve" or using it to enhance projects which would improve campus technology for students and classrooms.

Technology in the Classroom:

VPAA Schnell addressed the TFAC committee with regard to possibility of using tech fee funds to help upgrade classroom technology. VPAA Schnell indicated that each year he would like to pursue some classroom technology upgrades and this year his usual source of funding for "regular" classroom technology was limited. Previous years he attempted to bring five to ten classrooms up to date. Last year he provided funds to augment Tech Fee for EML and Morrill Hall special classrooms. It cost approximately $10,000 to update technology for a regular classroom. He will try to leverage any TF funds to obtain additional funding. Faculty members spoke of the needs to access technology, especially as many are changing pedagogical styles from a straight lecture style to more active learning styles. If the committee would consider granting him funds for this endeavor he would draft a proposal describing in more detail classrooms to be upgraded. The Committee passed a motion to recommend setting aside $50,000 for the updating of five classrooms to be released upon receipt of general plans.

Internet Access in the Residence Halls:

Deanne Sperling pointed out that the network in the residence halls, as established, had exceeded its capacity and had failed three times on the last three weekends. John Grosen specified that ITS will make a temporary repair but that an intermediate repair would cost approximately $50,000. Considerable discussion followed. Some believed that Residence Halls installed the lines and now should maintain them; there appears to be no planning beyond the installation and it is not a tech fee obligation. Other believed that 1) NDSU has a succeeded in bringing technology to the learning process, even beyond it early plans and now needed to assist in solving a problem, 2) residence hall students could flood the cluster and thus create a bottleneck there, 3) they also could use the modem system thus creating more problems there; and, 4) although inaccurate, many students believe that their tech fee is supporting the access in the hall and therefore the creating an image problem. The Committee passed a motion to recommend setting aside $50,000 for the emergency repairs necessary to maintain service to the resident halls, which will be released upon receipt of a plan.

Other thoughts regarding funding sources which might be considered for "match" dollars could be Bush Grant funding.

The Monitoring Committee reported that they had reviewed the reports received. Sudhir indicated that reminders would be going out to those who need to provide year-end reports next month.

The Public Information Committee has not met yet. TFAC members were reminded o provide Cathy with new schedules for next semester so meeting times can be setup.

No further business. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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