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Subcomittee reports

Meeting Minutes

Technology Fee Advisory Committee Meeting
Wednesday, November 17, 1999
4:00 pm, IACC 204

Members Present:
Adam Dahl, Richard Chenoweth (chair), Jeff Gerst, John Grosen, Jonathon Guay, James Landrum, Sudhir Mehta, Jeff Schoenack, Dustin Rehkamp, Jaime Sebelius

Members Absent:
Doug Boe, Linda Manikowske, Dr.Craig Schnell, Deanne Sperling

The minutes from 10/12/99 and 10/27/99 were approved as posted to the web.

A financial update of the TFAC fund was given by Richard. He indicated we have about $200,000 of unspent money still unassigned to any proposal.

Richard reviewed the various duties of the subcommittees from the past year and asked for discussion as to if there should be any new committees added.

Review Process:
This committee is responsible for looking at the process of the call for proposals. This includes review of the solicitation form, submittal process, the actual review process itself.

Members of this subcommittee are:
Jeff Gerst (chair), Adam Dahl, James Landrum, Linda Manikowski

Public Information/Focus Groups:
This committee handles the public relations activity. Works on getting announcements out, articles in spectrum, promotes use of identification stickers, and any awareness issues that the campus should know about. Members of the committee also organize the Focus Group sessions.

Members of this subcommittee are:
Deanne Sperling (chair), Dustin Rehkamp, Jeff Schoenack, Jaimie Sebelius

Monitoring Process:
This committee works with the follow-up mechanisms of tracking proposals and their progress status. Technology infrastructure is in place which provides a means for proposal recipients to provide basic updates to the TFAC committee on a designated basis (6 month, yearly, completion). This group needs to bring forth these reports to TFAC for comments and share any concerns they may have.

Members of this subcommittee are:
John Grosen (chair), Doug Boe, Jonathon Guay, Sudhir Mehta

Discussion took place with regard to some general concerns about the review process. There were comments regarding the ability to have proposal submitters make presentations, and if the criteria and could be more clearly defined. Another suggestion was to have various individuals "assigned" to a number of proposals to do further in depth research about that proposal so they could share more knowledge with rest of TFAC members at the time of review. Might consider a "head" reviewer. Perhaps more guidelines could be initiated as to help during review process. The review committee will evaluate these ideas.

Several TFAC members have asked about past records and data of TFAC actions and proposals. Richard indicated anyone is welcome to review his TFAC "binders" which has all the proposals submitted and information regarding the decisions the TFAC members made on funding or not funding proposal.

John Grosen provided TFAC with progress reports from past proposals #9813, 9821, 9811, 9817, and 9816. Six month notices did go out and we have not heard responses from quite a few of project directors yet. The Monitoring subcommittee will need to follow-up on this.

Richard Chenoweth indicated that VP Schnell would have liked to have joined the group today to share some concerns he has regarding classroom technology needs. He will try to speak to our group at the next meeting.

Next meeting date was suggested for Wednesday, December 8, 1999, at
4:00 pm. Richard requested that the subcommittees try and meet before that date if at all possible.

No further business. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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