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Technology Fee Advisory Committee Mtg
November 14, 2002 - 2:30 p.m.
Memorial Union, Crest Room

Members Present:
Richard Chenoweth, Otto Borchert, Kevin Brooks, Jeff Gerst, Cathy Hanson, Kalpana Katti, Joe Mathern, Sudhir Mehta, Rian Nostrum, Marc Wallman, Kristi Wanner, David Wittrock

Members Absent:
Andrew Anderson, Matthew O'Brien, Craig Schnell

Sudhir Mehta welcomed everyone and introductions were called for.

Sudhir indicated that the purpose of the meeting was to review the subcommittee responsibilities and assign members.

Review Process:
Members assigned: Jeff Gerst - Chair, Kalpana Katti, Marc Wallman, Matt O'Brien

The tasks of this subcommittee involve reviewing the Call for Action Plan process. This includes the solicitation document, submittal form, the recommendation process, and other matters related to the process. Questions/ideas the subcommittee should consider include:

  • Are modifications needed?
  • Suggested was a review of the funding cycles are the current dates working?, Are two times a year still needed?,
  • How can we particularly help new TFAC members be better prepared to review and understand proposals?
  •  What hints might be valuable to keep in mind in deciding whether the proposal has merit for funding?

The idea of having TFAC members assigned to, and be more responsible to looking more in depth at specific proposals, was discussed. This TFAC member would then become more knowledgeable with regard to a specific proposal. Other committee members could forward questions to key contact person for research and advice. The Group Decision has been a successful tool in helping to streamline the review process. Should modifications be considered to improve the decision process even more? The subcommittee should explore these questions and others and make recommendations.

Monitoring Process

Members assigned:

Kay Sizer - Chair, Otto Borchert, Rian Nostrum, Kevin Brooks

This subcommittee will review the process of how we track the activity of the proposals and whether the PI?s are on target and are spending the money in the way they indicated, and have met the goals of the project. Currently there is a progress report form on the web for which mid-year and final reports are submitted. These will now be directed to go to Kay. Questions/ideas that the subcommittee should consider include:

  • Are we asking the right question?
  • Is the information we are asking useful?
  • Are Modifications needed?
  •  Do we need two reporting cycles?
  •  When do reminder letters go out for gathering this information?

Public Education/ Public Relations:

Members assigned:

Joe Mathern - Chair, Andrew Anderson, Jerry Covington, Kristi Wanner

This group will explore avenues related to education and public relations activities. Areas to review include Tech Fee logo usage, Spectrum and It?s Happening at State articles, and possible focus groups or survey ideas. Emphasis will focus on informing and/or gathering input about Tech Fee Activities.

  • What kinds of projects are submitted/funded and how do they benefit students and the campus?
  • How can students provide input?

This meeting was Richard Chenoweth's last TFAC meeting, as he will be retiring at the end of December. He has successfully chaired the TFAC for several years. Sudhir took the opportunity to thank him for his long-time dedication, commitment, and leadership to this committee. Committee members thanked him for serving and his many contributions, and wished him the best on his retirement.

Sudhir closed the meeting by indicating that the subcommittees should begin meeting as soon as possible. The next meeting will be in late January 2003 where reports will be shared and preparation will begin for the March 15, 2003 Call for Action Plan activity.

No further business, meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Hanson

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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