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Technology Fee Advisory Committee Mtg (DRAFT)
November 19, 2003
Memorial Union, Crest Room

Members Present:
Chair - Sudhir Mehta, Otto Borchert, Dustin Massett, Joe Mathern, Kevin Brooks, Jeff Gerst, Kalpana Katti, Jane Cumber, Tom Moberg, Rian Nostrom, Marc Wallman, Cathy Hanson

Members Absent:
Jerry Covington, Ryan Sandness, David Wittrock, Craig Schnell (ex-officio)

Comments from Sudhir Mehta:
Sudhir Mehta indicated that the TFAC funding recommendations submitted to Provost Schnell were all approved. They will be posted on the Web site shortly.

Sudhir Mehta, Tom Moberg, and Provost Schnell met to discuss the long-term wireless issue. More discussion is needed with regard to wireless. The proposal submitted this fall was for only 30 buildings and not the entire campus. Do we consider this on a larger scale basis? What's the total cost - inclusive of maintenance, people (need at least 1 FTE), and other factors? Does the campus really know exactly what it will take to do implement wireless.

General Discussion
Tom Moberg asked about the knowledge of this committee as it pertains to the classroom priorities established by the Computer Information Technology Planning and Goals committee (CITPG). CITPG solicits input from campus and make recommendations to Provost Schnell on which classrooms they feel are priority for technology enhancements.

Tom also discussed his philosophy regarding the need to establish a more overall campus technology plan that would encompass the collaboration of the various technology groups (i.e., CITPG, TFAC, etc) on campus. If each include clear direction for classrooms, and technology support and needs. Perhaps deciding major classroom technology issues like which classrooms get funded or not, should not be something this committee needs to wrestle with.

He asked about the criteria to evaluate the proposals. His thoughts were regarding long term issues such as does it fit into an overall campus plan, are there standards to equipment being used, has ITS been contacted/involved to know about support/maintenance issues, is the proposal fully costed out so all the "hidden" costs are there? There would be items he'd like to see in future proposal submissions.

There was general discussion regarding free printing in the clusters. A Way to better manage printing usage/resources for misuse and abuse continues to be investigated.

Subcommittees assigned
Subcommittees were requested to meet before the TFAC next meeting and to report on discussion, plans regarding the objectives.


Proposal Review Process:

Jeff Gerst - Chair
Otto Borchert
Ryan Sandness
Marc Wallman


  • Review the proposal submittal process
  • Evaluate the instructions, form(s), and criteria used during the process
  • Work with CITPG on coordinating classroom proposal recommendations

Public Information & Focus Groups

Joe Mathern - Chair
Dustin Massett
Rian Nostrum
Kalpana Katti
Tom Moberg (Ex-officio)


  • Research information regarding the need to raising the Technology Fee assessment to students
  • Determine ways to best communicate with students and the campus regarding the Tech Fee issues
  • Evaluate possibilities for campus open forum discussions or focus groups
  • Look at the possibility for developing a "Tech Fee" workshop for those submitting proposals

Monitoring Process

Jane Cumber Chair
Kevin Brooks
Jerry Covington
Adding another student member


  • Send out notices with regard to progress reports
  • Evaluate the progress report form for changes -ask award receipients to identity outcomes based on milestones
  • Determine more consistent and timely reporting structure (6 month & final reports due dates)
  • Discuss guidelines /consequences for when progress reports are not received

No further business, meeting adjourned
Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Hanson

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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