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Review of Blackboard Enterprise Proposal

Technology Fee Advisory Committee Mtg
Minutes: October 13, 2005

Members Present:
Rian Nostrum, Valerie Johnson, Joe Mathern, Aaron Axvig, Karl Altenburg, Oluwayemisi Fayermiwo, Brian Hokkanen, Otto Borchert, Jeff Gerst, Kevin Brooks

Members Absent:
Kalpana Katti, Jane Cumber, Marc Wallman,

Cathy Hanson  Guest – Rosi Kloberdanz

Tech Fee student assessment

Jeff  Gerst shared information about the fee structure. Currently students are paying a tech fee of $6.04 credit hour. Last year the TFAC voted to have NDSU consider raising the technology fee $5/per semester (six terms) over the next three years starting Fall 2004 (will be at $85.00 /semester by 2008).  Also, a fee of $81.00/ (12 credits,) is assessed for ConnectND. There were questions on this, as well as the bond money and what that was actually going toward.

Committee assignments and general feedback

Jeff indicated that he would like to reconvene the various committee groups. Members are to think about areas they are interested in and at a future meeting assignments will be made.  Past committee structure:

Proposal Review Process Committee

  • Review the proposal submittal process, which includes instructions, form(s), and criteria used in the process
  • Evaluate the instructions, form(s), and criteria used during the process

Public Information & Focus Groups Committee

  • Research information regarding the need to raising the Technology Fee assessment to students
  • Determine ways to best communicate with students and the campus regarding the Tech Fee issues
  • Evaluate possibilities for campus open forum discussions or focus groups
  • Look at the possibility for developing a "Tech Fee" workshop for those submitting proposals

Monitoring Process Committee

  • Send out notices with regard to progress reports
  • Evaluate the progress report form for changes -ask award recipients to identity outcomes based on milestones. Remodel form as needed (What was requested, spent, unspent money, etc)
  • Determine more consistent and timely reporting structure (6 month & final reports due dates)
  • Discuss guidelines /consequences for when progress reports are not received

Special Interests Committee:

  • As designated by the chair

Proposal 0521 –special review and discussion

Extending Blackboard E-Learning Infrastructure:

The Technology Fee Advisory Committee received an Action Plan from Rosie Kloberdanz requesting $152,405 to support acquisition and implementation of the Blackboard Academic Suite of programs (# 0521). The likely benefits and potential liabilities of the adoption were discussed. The committee supports Information Technology Services’ desire to obtain a test license in order to evaluate, within our local environment, the advertised and expected capabilities of the academic suite. 

The committee arrived at a consensus. It recommends that unspent funds from last year’s projects, approximately $131,000.00, be used to assists in the transition to the new academic suite.  Further, the committee chose to handle this request separately from other submitted proposals in the current round of funding requests. 

A motion to support the Action Plan was made and passed unanimously on a voice vote. Jeff Gerst will forward recommendation unto Provost Schnell for review and recommendation.

Additional information regarding the Bb proposal was shared:

  • Joe was concerned about how quickly this is all happening. He had concerns about this not being properly shared with students to gain their “buy-in.”  It is an expensive proposition and wants to be sure effort is being made to thoroughly investigate and test the capabilities of Bb Enterprise system. After considerable committee discussion (questions/answers)  Joe felt comfortable being a advocate for this project and supports the projects direction.
  • As an FYI, Bb and Web CT have merged – so uncertainty is currently present, however it appears it will be a good move
  • The ability to have “credit card” capability – the ability to charge items would be made available (integration of Bison card) will be a plus for NDSU.
  • There are certain key pieces that we would implement first and other items would become available later.
  • Moving forward with this project will require us to on a fast track – we will be given a short time period whereby we will be granted free licensing to test the product before we make commitment to fully purchase. This is planned for Spring 2006.
  • We (ITS /Vendor) cannot promise the tie into PeopleSoft – but will continue to investigate
  • The issue about the gradebook really only affects the instructor – as students can still see grades in Bb
  • We will probably have a Bb users group to help formulate various aspects of integration – policies, procedures, needs, etc
  • We will need to add a staff position (at least one)
  • The request is for $152,405 – we would use the $131,000 from carry over funds
  • We are committed to Bb for at least for 3 years – this is supported by the Provost. We would like to see him find some additional funds to put towards this effort it possible
  • Maintenance costs, such as upgrades, changes, etc need more investigation
  • We looking to buy a integrated suite  - there may be some individual components other departments may want to use and possibly contribute to additional costs
  • Scalability – is good
  • Student organizations will certainly be able to use it
  • Joe Mathern wanting to know if he could report on this to the Senate and there were no objections.
  • Quick wins on Bb– storage, e-portfolio, Bison Credit cards, student organization usage are all key points to note as value-added benefits that will immediately impact students.

Distribution of tech fee funds:

ITS is trying to move staff off from tech fee dollar when and if possible. We know that each year there are certain campus projects/priorities that tech fee dollars need to continue to be allocated toward. The though is to set aside or allocate a portion of the tech fee dollars for ITS use. Funds also need to be available for those innovative and unique proposal requests that will impact students but perhaps on a smaller scale or pilot projects.

The review session is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27, 2005 at 3:30 p.m. in the Group Decision Center.

No further business, meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted,


Cathy Hanson

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