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Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes - Friday, March 9, 2007, 2 p.m.
IACC 204

Members present: Jeff Gerst (Chair), Geoffrey Childress, Brian Hokkanen, Brian Fier, Abram Jackson, Ann Denton, Marc Wallman, David Wittrock, Cathy Hanson

Members absent: Kevin Brooks, Kalpana Kati, Gary Fisher, Brandon Sis, Rian Nostrum, Sudhir Mehta, Craig Schnell

Guest: Peter Greggery

NOTE: Brian Sis has given Brian Hokkanen his voting proxy

Jeff opened the meeting by bringing everyone up-to-date on funding issues and asked for a report/evaluation on each proposal from the primary reviewers here are two primary reviewers assigned to each proposal.

Brian Hokkanen verbalized a summary of discussion he had with various IT student leaders in regard to the various proposals.

After considerable discussion the TFAC recommended the following

0701 – Recommend to not fund. Members of the committee expressed concern apparent lack of coordination and potential duplication of efforts with ITS. Encouraged to collaborate with ITS and resubmit in the fall 2007.

0702 – Recommend to partial funding only. There was considerable discussion on prioritizing which rooms needed to be instrumented. Good rooms to instrument are 117, 116, 128, but not 114 or 132. Wonder about whether Minard 220, 209 & 209 and Bentsen Bunker 110 are really worth putting projectors in? Questions were raised regarding the cost of projectors and VCR players—could there be a cheaper model. Finally, the committee decided to ask for clarification on why such expensive pieces of equipment/computers are needed – asked author to submit letter answering questions related to costs. 

0703 – Recommend to partial funding. Maybe two areas now, deferring one for another year. Maybe we could “cycle” in some of ITS 3-yr old machines into these areas.

0704 – Recommend to fully fund. Small localized project but has high potential for helping students in Business get a competitive advantage by being able to use an ERP system in a classroom environment. The match is good.

0705 – Recommend to fully fund. ITS submitted two proposals – the 2nd of which incorporates a budget reduction of $44,640. The 0705R cost reduction was due reduction in equipment costs, and deferring an high-end Mac multimedia Lab and other cost containment solutions.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson, recorder

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