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Fall proposal review session

Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes - Wednesday, November 3, 2006
Memorial Union - FLC 320 - noon
This particular meeting was a review session of the three proposals submitted for funding

Members Present:
Brian Hokkanen, Oluwayemisi Fayemiwo, Brian Fier, Abram Jackson, Brandon Sis, Kevin Brooks, Anne Denton,Kalpana Katti, Rian Nostrum, Marc Wallman

Chair - Jeff Gerst, David Wittrock, Cathy Hanson

Peter ?

Members Absent:
Gary Fischer

Three Action plans were submitted reviewed:

1) NDSU Student Government submitted Further Support of Student Printing Need requesting $54.488.00 in Tech Fee support, Project Number 0605.

Discussion regarding this proposal was lead by the students. Fayermiwo shared the results of a recently conducted student survey as the basis for helping the committee understand how the students feel about the current and future printing allocation. Of the 1,649 students who responded. 19% favored an increase allocation. Results show 27% of the students have totally exhausted their current allocation and 36% have used up close to all. Judging from this, 90% of those students who responded probably would benefit from an increase in printing allocation. The question was posed by Witttrock regarding what the total percentage of the "printing" allocation is to the total TFAC money available. The estimate is 10%. Additionally, then, is this the best use of tech fee money? Several student justified a "yes" answer by saying it's the most visible, most tangible, has the most awareness, impacts the largest amount of students.

Denton asked about whether there ways any way to distinguish those printing "requirements," that is those items that must be printing for class," versus assignments, Web pages, etc? Is there a way those pages in BB might not be counted? No specific answers on this.

VOTE: Unanimous vote to recommend full funding for this proposal.

2) Student Services submitted Student Access Computers for Student Services Area requesting $8,050.00 in Tech Fee support, Project Number 0606

Nostrum lead the discussion on this proposal. This proposal is part of a bigger project (Union - One-stop-shop) to provide students with more access for getting account information. This is not to be considered or use as a compute lab but rather a facility where students can get expert help with their accounts. Student government worked with ITS regarding the initial setup of new machines and upgrading will become part of the annual recycling of process ITS does each year.

VOTE: Unanimous vote to recommend full funding for this proposal.

3) The Group Decision Center submitted GDC Laptop Computer and Software Upgrades requesting $38,179.00 in Tech Fee support, Project Number 0607.

Fischer and Frey were the primary reviewer for this proposal. Since Fisher was unable to attend other members provided comments /feedback. There was considerable discussion on how this proposal really benefits the students. How many students use this program? Apparently there are some issues with students /and or student organizations being "charged" for the use of the facility. There was also discussion on whether we could fund only the software and not hardware. It seems like the computers requested are quite pricey, and there were questions as to whether cheaper equipment could be bought. If we provided funding this time, what about the future maintenance - refresh? Nostrum provided the group with a brief back ground of the GDC and that fact that the facility is entirely self-supported. As discussion continued, it was clear there were many issues that needed clarification before a fair decision could be recommended.

VOTE: Because there were so many unclear questions about this proposal, members voted to invite Lisa Nordick to a meeting to review the specifics and clarify proposal concerns.

The committee will try to get together next Wednesday, Nov. 9 at noon to further review proposal 609. We will invite Lisa to be present to address questions.

Meeting adjourned,

Respectfully submitted, Cathy Hanson

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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