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Fall Organizational Mtg & Distribution of Proposals

Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes - Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Members Present:
Brian Hokkanen, Oluwayemisi Fayemiwo, Brian Fier, Bandon Sis, Gary Fisher, Rian Nostrum, Marc Wallman, David Wittrock and Jeff Gerst

Members Absent:
Kevin Brooks, Anne Denton, Kalpana Katti, Geoffrey, Childress, and Abram Jackson

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. in IACC 204 North.

I. Approval of minutes from last meeting

This was the first meeting of the academic year.

II. Open discussion
A. Jeff Gerst announced that approximately $53,000.00 had been returned to the Technology Fee account from funds unspent on Information Technology Services Action Plans. The final reports are available online at

B. Approximately $110,000 dollars in technology fee money is available for the Fall 06 funding cyle. This includes the estimated "unspent money" mentioned above.

C. Three Action plans were submitted for review.

1) NDSU Student Government submitted Further Support of Student Printing Need requesting $54.488.00 in Tech Fee support, Project Number 0605.

2) Student Services submitted Student Access Computers for Student Services Area requesting $8,050.00 in Tech Fee support, Project Number 0606, and

3) The Group Decision Center submitted GDC Laptop Computer and Software Upgrades requesting $38,179.00 in Tech Fee support, Project Number 0607.

D. Two primary reviewers were assigned to each project: Oluwayemisi Fayemiwo and ??? to Project 0605, Rian Nostrum and Bandon Sis to Project 0606, and Gary Fisher and Brian Fier to Project 0607.

E. The next meeting will be scheduled during the week of October 22nd. We will meet, rank the proposals and make a recommendation for funding. Because of the small number of proposals received, we will not need to use the Group Decision Center.

III. New business

At this inaugural meeting, all the business was “new business.”

IV. Adjournment
Jeff Gerst adjourned the meeting 1:30 p.m.
Minutes submitted by: Jeff Gerst
Minutes approved by: no minutes to approve

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