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April 11, 2008 - Followup Review Session

Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Friday, April 11, 2008
Group Decision Center, FLC 320, 8-9:30 a.m.

Members Present: Kevin Brooks, Geoffrey Childress, Anne Denton, Gary Fisher, Brian Fier, Peter Gregory, Cathy Hanson, Abram Jackson, Kalpana Katti, Britt McAlister, Rian Nostrum, (The names of voting members are presented in regular type.  The names of non-voting members are presented in italics type.)

Members Absent: Jeff Gerst, Christopher McEwen, Lalita Jyoti, David Wittrock

 Guests: Dr. Paul Nelson, Communications Dept, Marc Wallman, ITS

 Marc Wallman is substituting for Jeff Gerst as chair of TFAC.

This meeting was called to discuss the three proposals tabled from 4/4/08 and to continue the discussions regarding funding recommendations.

There was a motion (McAlister) and a second to recommend we move forward with the discussions of the tabled proposals, evaluate the merits of each proposal, prioritize, and request to go over allocation this year by 10% or more to accommodate for the shift in how the funding is being distributed this year. Unanimously carried.

Raised was the issue of whether those students on TFAC who were also the submitter of proposal 0807 should be allowed to stay in the room for discussion and be allowed to vote due to conflict of interest. After considerable discussion, motion was made (McAlister) for everyone to stay in the room and later withdrew and amended to request Brian Frier be not excluded from the room because there was no conflict of interest for him, and abstain from voting. Seconded, carried.

As discussion began on proposal 0807, Peter Gregory removed himself from the room, but before he left reiterated the educational aspect of this proposal. He shared how he believes the students would benefit by having a studio, how it would serve NDSU (Communications department) in being more competitive among the other area institutions, and how it might help other academic units in producing a variety of broadcast media for publicity coverage.

From previous meeting, the TFAC were wondering about the communication’s department commitment in hiring a faculty member designated to advise students and help facilitate the studio’s future existence.

Dr Paul Nelson from the department of communication, (TFAC guest) was available to answer questions related to this commitment. There was discussion on whether or not he should be allowed to participate. Past proposal project directors have been asked to address the committee so therefore, precedence has been set. He reiterated his willingness, should the proposal be funded, to immediately move forward with a faculty search to support of the implementation of the Bison Information Network (BIN). This would be a 3 year renewable contract. A job description/posting was circulated via e-mail to TFAC for review. Questions were raised and discussed related to the level of oversight this faculty member would hold in the implementation, direction and future maintenance issues. There was concern about the accountability would this faculty member have related to sustainability of this project or is that solely student government’s responsibility since they are funding it? Dr. Nelson anticipated this position to help build an ongoing business plan for future years.  Brooks likened this project to the Wireless project where all the details weren’t as clear as they probably could have been but, this was a project that worthy of doing as a long-range benefit to students and the campus, and more planning was needed to prioritize how this would all be implemented over time.

Jackson motioned to recommend funding 0807 at $175,000. Seconded, Fier.

There was concern about the proposal’s level of project planning and whether there was sufficient long-range analysis on how is it was going to be maintained in the future. Discussion continued about the role of student government, their commitment of additional funds of $30,000 + that would go toward renovations for the studio, office equipment and field camera.

After considerable discussion, votes cast 7 for, 2 opposed. Motion to recommend funding carried.

Jackson motioned to fully fund proposal 0803, Ongoing Funding for Student Technology Support and Services ($326,393.00). Seconded and unanimously carried. Discussion was brief, relating that this was a critical service that meets many essential needs of the campus.

A motion was made by Jackson recommending we NOT fund (or zero fund) proposal 0804, New Classroom Technology. Seconded with votes cast 8 for, 3 opposed.  Abram stated that he does not believe having more projectors and computers in classrooms is a priority. There are 70 (+7) instrumented rooms already, and with the media carts nearly all of them are equipped. Childress said that if we recommended funding, one of the CIE and one of the Dolve rooms should get it. More discussion was raised regarding that it would be nice to know how much these instrumented classrooms are being used, and which ones get the most usage.

Vice President Neas had indicated we use $300,000 as a guideline when evaluating funding recommendations this cycle. The spreadsheet tally now stands at $552,693. Frier motioned to request VP Neas draw upon the contingency fund in order for the five recommended proposals be funded. Seconded McAlister.

Denton motioned to return to the ranking the TFAC concluded with on 4/4/08 and evaluate whether that ranking is still applicable. Seconded.  

Concluding discussion was to follow the ranking order agreed upon on 4/4/08 and recommend funding with the following prioritization: 1) 0809 - $46,500; 2) 0808 - $3,000; 3) 0803 – $326,393; 4) 0807 - $175,000; 5) 0802 - $1,800.     Votes 6 for, 2 opposed.

Action item:

·         Recommend funding as per committee meetings on 4/4/08 and follow-up meeting on 4/11/08

 Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson, recorder

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