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January 18, 2008

Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Friday, January 18, 2008
IACC 204 – 3-4 p.m.

Members Present: Kevin Brooks, Geoffrey Childress, Anne Denton, Gary Fisher, Brian Fier, Peter Gregory Jeff Gerst, Cathy Hanson, Lalita Jyoti, Kalpana Katti, , Christopher McEwen, Rian Nostrum, Marc Wallman, David Wittrock (The names of voting members are presented in regular type.  The names of non-voting members are presented in italics type.)

Members Absent: Abram Jackson – substituting for him Joe Heilman, Peter Gregory  - substituting for him Andrew Brown

Guests: Bonnie Neas, Vice President for Information Technology, Jean Ostrom-Blinigen, Director of IT Special Projects, Janet Stringer – IT Budget Coordianator.

General IT overview

Late proposal request
Bonnie shared a late proposal from the Library (Mark England) requesting a $100,000 to fund the Elservier ScienceDirect Contract. This is a licensing subscription for a widely used database. Questions were raised regarding, is this for the student’s benefit or more for faculty? What’s the value of journals? Bonnie shared that in past years when the Tech Fee resided in the Provost’s office, he had chosen to fund this each year (without a proposal) in support of the Library needs.  After considerable discussion regarding how many journals overlap or could be found through other means and does the library need to subscribe to all these resources the committee approved the funding but, recommended that the Library seek other sources of funds for this next year.

Bonnie talked briefly about the budgeting process and in doing so shared her thoughts on a number of items:

She’d like to see various designated projects, such as the wireless project, that are infrastructure in nature, come directly off the top of the TFAC funds. Funds would be set aside for this, but there still would be an accountability process to let the TFAC members know how the money is being spent. She’d also like Blackboard upgrades /support to also come off the top.

Bonnie discussed how the current funding cycle method we have in place, spends money before we actually have it. The large proposals that have come in the spring often are “advanced” money to begin work. The money really isn’t available to “spend” until the fall, (4th week are enrollment reports) as that is when it is collected. She’d like to adjust the funding system to match with the fiscal year budgeting process. This would mean switching around how spending pattern around, whereby smaller or new requests are funded in the spring and then the larger projects in the fall. There were questions about funding multi-year projects and could we have line in budget that “encumbers” money over a 3 year period?  More discussion is needed on this item.

Action item:

·         Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 24th 3 p.m.

·         Discussion on rotation of membership

·         Discussion on progress/accountability reports

·         Discussion on March 3, 2008 next funding cycle

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson, recorder

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