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March 14, 2008

Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting Notes –Friday, March 14, 2008
Blue Room – Telecommunications  3-4 p.m.

Members Present: Geoffrey Childress, Ann Denton, Brian Fier, Gary Fisher, Peter Gregory Jeff Gerst, Cathy Hanson, Abram Jackson, Lalita Jyoti, Kalpana Katti, Christopher McEwen, Rian Nostrum, Britt McAlister, (The names of voting members are presented in regular type.  The names of non-voting members are presented in italics type.) 

Members Absent: Kevin Brooks, David Wittrock

Jeff welcomed all the TFAC members and began by indicating the purpose of the meeting was to review the Tech Fee budget, share anticipated future income, discuss/commit to funding a core set of IT services/infrastructure as well as a carryover contingency fund and assign reviewers to each of the nine proposals received for this funding cycle.

Currently, there is approximately $1,166,679 in the Technology Fee budget. The anticipate tech fee income for the remainder of FY 07-08 should raise that figure to ~$1,1757,080.  Bonnie is recommending ~$290,000 go toward Blackboard support, 15% or ~$263,560 go toward the core network/wireless initiative, and another 15% ($263,562) be set aside as carryover as contingency funds. That leaves a balance of ~$348,555. Nine proposals have been submitted at this time requesting a total of $1,644,682.83. VP Neas has asked we evaluate our funding requests carefully and try to stay within the guidelines of $348,555. This is amount we have available to work with for this funding cycle, which covers the period July 1, 2008 – through December 31, 2008.

Jeff asked for volunteers to be primary and secondary reviewers of the proposals. The following have been designated as such.

Action Plan    Reviewers

0801                Peter Gregory, Britt McAlister
0802                Geoffrey Childress, Gary Fisher
0803                Abram Jackson, Rian Nostrum
0804                Geoffrey Childress, Anne Denton
0805                Brian Fier, Kevin Brooks
0806                Lalita Jyoti, Kalpana Katti
0807                Brit McAlistser, others
0808                Brian Fier, Christopher McEwen
0809                Abram Jackson, Anne Denton

Jeff suggested we try to schedule a meeting two weeks out. He will be asking for available dates.

The question was raised, should those budget requests be a fixed amount (cost) or a percentage basis. The example was 15-20% would be for infrastructure services.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson, recorder


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