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Fall Review of Proposals

Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 29, 2007
Group Decision Center 3:30- 5:00 p.m.

Members Present
: Kevin Brooks, Geoffrey Childress, Anne Denton, Brian Fier, Gary Fisher, Peter Gregory Jeff Gerst, Cathy Hanson, Abram Jackson, Lalita Jyoti, Kalpana Katti, Christopher McEwe, Rian Nostrum, Marc Wallman, David Wittrock (The names of voting members are presented in regular type.  The names of non-voting members are presented in italics type.)

Members Absent: Bonnie Neas

Guests: Facilitators Linda Charlton & Lisa Nordick from the Group Decision Center.

 Jeff welcomed all the TFAC members to the GDC and shared how we would be using the Center to discuss and evaluate the seven submitted action plans submitted by five departments from the university.

The designated primary reviewer and secondary reviewers of each proposal gave summary statements to the committee regarding the proposal, citing any issues or concerns or general feeling about recommendations for or against funding. After considerable discussion the TFAC recommended the following: 

Log #

Project Director


Project Title

Funding recommendation



William Burns

Counseling Center, Disability Services

Better Customer Service through Streamlined Management Software

Recommended full funding. The software appears to solve the problems of securing sensitive information and reducing the time necessary to document contacts with clients or potential clients


Fully fund


Michael Thrasher

Department of Music

The Online Fine Arts Listening Library: Providing Access to Instructional Material through Wireless Streaming Audio

Recommend NOT to fund. There were concerns about the number of students this really benefited.  There was a recommendation to also talk with the English dept on usage


NOT to fund


Michael Thrasher

Department of Music

Online Bibliographic Database of Graduate-Level Research in Music

Recommended NOT to fund. There were concerns that this is would become an ongoing subscription request.


NOT to fund


Michael Thrasher

Department of Music

Innovative Delivery and Access to Music Notation and Production Software

Recommend to NOT fund.  Concerns over number of students who would benefit. There also appeared to be some licensing issues and number of “seats” available at a given time. There may be a need for a server component as well.


NOT to fund


Nancy Lilleberg

Information Technology Services

Increasing collaboration, learning and sharing within Blackboard via Campus Pack tools

Recommend to NOT fund. Students felt the tools already available on Bb are not currently being used efficiently so felt uncomfortable investing in some additional utilities that would not get used.


NOT to fund


Sheree Kornkven

Information Technology Services

Help Desk Checkout Equipment Renewal

Recommended full funding. This was a follow-up request from Spring 07 where the equipment was not funded.  Students agreed, current equipment is old and needs replacing.


Fully fund


Steve Winfrey

NDSU Memorial Union

Digital Signage and Emergency Alert Project

Recommended full funding. This is supported by student government. Although there appears to be some concerns with regard to specific details and coordination with ITS and the emergency management committee, students really felt this would be an enhancement to the Union.


Fully fund



A motion was made to fully fund 0706, 0711 and 0712 and not the other proposals. Motion passed unanimously.  The recommendation will now go to Bonnie Neas, Vice President for Information Technology for review and a final decision.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson, recorder


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