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TFAC By-Laws Review & Approval

Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting Notes: February 19, 2009
4:00 p.m. – Prairie Rose Room, Memorial Union

Voting members present: Brian Fier, Peter Gregory, Chistopher Hart, Abram Jackson, Nathan Nerenz, Ann Denton, Jim Hammond, Michael Thrasher, Gary Fisher, Rian Nostrum, Britt McAlister,

Voting members absent: Ben Dotzenrod, Arun Yadav

Ex-Officio members: Cathy Hanson, Jeff Gerst, David Wittrock

Gerst announced that an article appeared in It’s Happening this week regarding the call for proposals. In consultation with TFAC students, we postponed the closing date for submission of Tech Fee Action Plans until Monday, March 23, 2009 at 2 p.m. The change provides Project Directors more time to complete their action plans and was made in light of the fact that many will be off campus during the week of March 16-20, Spring Break.  Gerst also noted that we should be sharing that student groups are welcome to submit proposals as well.

The focus of the meeting today was to finalize the Committee Bylaws and to select three members to nominate candidates for the offices of Committee Chair and Vice Chair. The most recent edition of the Bylaws may be found in Documents > Committee Bylaws > TFAC Bylaws Draft with VP Neas's changes.

Suggested changes:

Article II, add a section section II to reflect a need for progress reports and assessment, ensuring money has been used effectively. Wittrock was wondering whether the word “satisfactory” should be added to this section – relating to report requirements. Thrasher added, The committee shall evaluate the effectiveness of funded projects.  (change Section II)

Article VI -  Bi-annual basis by the IT budget coordinator --- date of disbursement of funds  (recommended by Jeff)

Wittrock indicated we not put too much procedural in the By-Laws as this is general guidelines.

Remove reference to the specific dates of submission of Oct/ March

Change Blackboard to course management system (LMS)

Gerst reviewed the recommended changes suggested VP Neas. These include verbiage in Article VI, Section III to reflect when reports are due and Article VII – Section I related to funding allocation distributions in 1) change 15% to 10% ; 4) change 40 to 45% and in 5) change shall to may.

Jackson, Hart – motion to accept By-Law, Motion carried by unanimous vote of committee

Gerst requested that we name a nominating committee for next year’s committee.

Gary Fischer, Michael Harwood, and Abram Jackson would serve on the committee. This does not preclude anyone from serving as Chair or Vice Chair.

The next meeting will be after the closing of March 23, 2009 proposal submission date. The recommendations will be posted to the TFAC Blackboard page.


Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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