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TFAC meeting - Budget review, general business

Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting notes: January 22, 2009
9:30 – 10:20 a.m., Mandan Room, Memorial Union

Voting Members Present: Anne Denton, Ben Dotzenrod, Peter Gregory, Jim Hammond, Abram Jackson, Britt McAlister, Nathan Nerenz, Michael Thrasher, and Philip Stenger (an alternate student member)

Voting Members Absent: Brian Fier, Gary Fisher, Christopher Hart, Rian Nostrum, Arun Yadav

Ex-Officio Members Present: Jeff Gerst, Bonnie Neas

Ex-Officio Members Absent: Cathy Hanson, David Wittrock

Invited Guest: Janet Stringer

1. Meeting was called to order by Gerst.

2. Gerst reviewed the Fall solicitation process and VP Neas’ response to the committee recommendations.

3. Janet Stringer shared the new Budget Report form that all Project Directors will be required to complete. Committee members would like the entire Budget Report posted to the committee Web page if that is possible. McAlister believes that formatting the reports as portable document format (pdf) files would be meet accessibility guidelines.

4. VP Neas told the Committee members of conversations she had previously held with Joe Heilman and Abram Jackson concerning a new vision and role for the Committee. The idea was to reduce the involvement of the entire committee in the evaluating the core support requested each year by departments within the Division of Information Technology.

The Technology Fee Committee members would solicit innovative information technology solutions to needs linked with the University’s teaching, research and outreach missions. Bonnie reported that funds were made available in 1996 to spur innovation. About a dozen proposals were received. A grant was awarded to the Computer Science Department that resulted in the establishment of what is today Center for Higher Performance Computing.

Stinger provided a quick estimate of $350,000.00 as potentially available for awarding through the new process. The Committee was asked to reflect on the proposed new vision and role for the Committee.

5. Gerst and McAlister stepped the Committee members through the Gartner, Inc. web site. Gartner, Inc. is a world leader in providing research into information technology related topics. Their “hype cycle” and “magic quadrant” tools provide a well research and useful means of decision making. Gerst shared a report dealing with determining the total cost of ownership of desk tip PCs in unmanaged to tightly managed environments. The study suggested that significant saving could be made by adapting our local method of supporting desk tops in clusters.

Neas asked the Committee if it would support her taking $28,000.00 from the contingency fund to be used to pay for one‐half cost of licensing of the Gartner, Inc. services for one year. President Chapman had provided the additional support funds. A motion of support was made by Jackson and seconded by Dotzenrod(?).

Following discussion of the motion, a vote was taken.

  • Those in favor of the motion were: Jackson, Dotzenrod, Stenger, Hammond, Thrasher, McAlister, and Denton
  • Those opposed to the motion wee: Gregory, and Nerenz
  • The motion to provide $28,000.00 from the contingency account for the support of one the annual license for Gartner, Inc. was approved

6. VP Neas requested that the Committee consideration of an Action Plan from the Department of Enterprise Computing and Infrastructure. The request is the replacement of thirteen Novell Servers, the funds to be withdrawn from contingency funds. The critical importance of the servers necessitates the early consideration of the plan. Neas shared a request that were brought to the President in late October that had included replacement of the servers. Unfortunately, funding decisions are being delayed until after the close of the Legislative Session.

Thrasher moved that $21,134.00 from the contingency fund be used to make a first year lease payment toward replacement of the Novell Servers on a four year lease period. McAlister seconded the motion.

Discussion ensued. Gregory moved that the motion be placed on the table. The motion to table was passed by a voice vote. Jackson was appointed to serve as primary reviewer of the action plan. He will meet with Marc Wallman, Assist. VP for IT, Enterprise Computing and Infrastructure

7. The meeting next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 5, 2009 at a time a location to be announced.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Submitted by Jeff Gerst with notes provided by McAlister

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