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TFAC - meeting follow-up to proposal review

Technology Fee Advisory Committee (DRAFT)
Meeting notes - November 20, 2008
8:30 a.m. Hilstada Rm, Memorial Union

Voting Members Absent: Andrew Brown, Ben Dotzenrod, Chris Hart, Chris McEwe, Arun Yadav, Gary Fisher, Rian Nostrum

Ex-Officio Members Present: Jeff Gerst, Bonnie Neas, Cathy Hanson, David Wittrock

Ex-Officio Members Absent:  all present

Invited Guest: Janet Stringer

Jeff opened the meeting by welcoming VP Neas. She provided her assessment of the voting recommendations and her perspective of the funding decisions she is asking the committee to support.

She presented a high-level IT budget showing the sources of funding including the tech fee dollars. She spoke about our SLA’s and our relationship to support NDUS. Pointed out was that most of our money goes toward salaries. Tech fee is ~2% of our total budget.  A budget document is being worked on that compares IT budget figures from 1999 (when Chapman became president) to present.

Bonnie indicated that at the end of last year we had $55,000 left of the budget.

A new budget plan was just submitted to President Chapman requesting $ 5.6M for next three years. Over $2M is for video surveillance, card access- emergency support systems.

Bonnie explained that when the Tech fee was first implemented it took on responsibilities for funding some very leading-edge technologies on campus – printing, clusters, networks, instrumented classrooms, etc. These are now just technologies that are expected to be part of the campus environment.

Whitrock commented about at some level we all have a role in supporting the overall mission of NDSU. The question though is, are we really state supported? Approximately 60% of our money comes from grants and contracts. Tuition is considered general funds – and that is less than half our support.

Fier indicated he had heard that legislatures were surprised at how much “fees” they were paying in addition to tuition costs. 

Review of 0702 and 0705A proposal draft budget reports
Project directors for these two proposals presented budget draft reports. Written summary information will follow.

0702:  New Classroom Technology (Melissa Stotz) 7-1-07 thru 6-30-08
Funds awarded: $67,190.00         Expended $63,284.38     Budget balance: $3,905.62

0705A: Ongoing Student Technology Services (Sheree Kornkven) 7-1-07 thru 6-30-08
Funds awarded: $875,838.00       Expended $764,921.77   Budget balance: $110,916.23
Bonnie recommends $50,000 be carried over.

Thoughts from VP Neas regarding the Fall 08 recommendations:

0901 - New Classroom Technology: VP Neas has some concern for the limited dollars being recommended, however did agree that we need more usage statistics to help us better evaluate need.  She asked Jeff to get faculty to back in the loop to help assess the demand for instrumented classrooms. We also should also consider contacting the registrar’s office as they do the scheduling.  

0902 – Expanded Main Library Computer Cluster:  VP Neas supported recommendation as submitted.

0903 – Develop a pilot project for NDSU Institutional Digital Repository: VP Neas supported recommendation as submitted.

0904 – Implement an Improved Interlibrary Loan System: Although VP Neas is willing to support this recommendation; there were thoughts about how this project interfaces or relates to the new NDUS system being worked on.

0905 – Ongoing Funding for Student Technology Support & Services: VP Neas shared that she’d really like more support on this proposal.  Forthcoming proposal reports and follow-up will hopefully share the importance of this project and help absolve concerns the committee members have regarding the budget and expenses.

0906 – Meteorological Daily Observation Form:  Although this proposal is for a small amount of money, it is solely funding  salary dollars. There is a slight concern over consistency of the committee’s general consensus regarding the funding of salaries for staff. VP Neas will support this proposal.

0907 – Transaction System Annual License Fees: VP Neas believes the services provided by the transaction system ultimately does impact students. However, she will support recommendation of not funding this through technology fee dollars.

VP Neas reported that two new classrooms are slated to go into the Bison Block two building. Additionally, three or more new instrumented classrooms would be going in the downtown building. She is not sure where funding will come from to implement/support this.

There was a brief discussion regarding the By-Laws, more to come later.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Hanson


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