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Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Meeting notes: Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, 4 p.m.
Lark Room, Memorial Union

Members present: Student members: Kevin Black, Nick Cilz, Abram Jackson; Faculty /Staff members: Ann Denton, Jim Hammond, Gary Fisher Jon Bronken; Ex-Officio members: Cathy Hanson, Jeff Gerst

Members absent: Student members: Jacee Beehler, Megan DeCock-Bristow, Brian Frier, Paul Gunderson; Faculty/Staff members: Michael Thrasher, Rian Nosstrum; Ex-Officio members: David Wittrock, Bonnie Neas

Proxy voters (agreements submitted)
Nigel Haarstad for Kevin Black
Andrew Bristow for Megan DeCock-Bristow


Jeff asked for a review and approval of the 9/28/09 minutes. Jacee Beehler was noted as needing to be added to the members absent list. Minutes approved.

Jeff shared the draft spreadsheet of funding requests. Nine proposals were submitted from the campus requesting a total of $324,016.50 for funding. Additionally, ITS submitted four ongoing IT budgets for $1,159,221.64. This money would be part of the 45% money set aside to specifically support IT ongoing needs. The IT requests will need to be paired down to stay within the budget. Overall, estimated money that’s available, does not meet the growing demands of the campus. All of the IT budgets along with the proposals are now available in Blackboard for members to view/comment on.

There was considerable discussion about the funding of cluster machines for individual departments. We typically get two or three of these requests. The Library in particular, typically, submits requests for computers. The issue always seems to be if funded, who continues to support and maintain these machines (ongoing costs). Will they “roll” into IT’s ongoing IT support budget? Is this the intended use of the Technology Fee? Where does the “innovative” technology come to play – seems as though many of the proposals we get are for general ongoing support? These are the questions Jeff would like the committee to further discuss, these are fundamental questions related to our past and future funding practices.

The question of what’s considered innovative and what types of proposals do we want to fund remains unanswered. Jeff shared a YouTube video on MySCC: This is Seminole State College's secure, convenient online gateway to registration, grades, personal information, financial aid, e-mail and more using a Web-based applications and file storage system. This new source of software application and delivery and documents storage, although is “free” to the students, faculty and staff who use, would require considerable infrastructure support and maintenance costs.

Related to the Library, there was discussion about a fee for library usage – are the students/faculty willing to have another “fee” added to their educational expense?

Jeff would like another meeting in two weeks to have an in-depth discuss of solutions we might recommend to address funding issues. He will put together some history of the technology fee and additional budget statistics and graphs that will help in viewing campus IT spending.

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