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Prepare call for New Action Plans

Meeting Minutes
December 19, 1996


I. Call to Order
II. Meeting Minutes
III. Announcements
IV. Report from Special Assistant for Technology
V. Subcommittee Reports
VI. Adjourn

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Val Tareski at 3:35 p.m.
Members Present: Joan Chapek, John Fossum, John Grosen, Cathy Hanson, Bill Maki, Phil McClean, Erik Sonju, Larissa Schmidt, Val Tareski

Members Absent: Troy Guenther, Prakash Mathew, William Perrizo, Craig Schnell


II. Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the November 14, 1996, meeting were approved via electronic e-mail list with 5 yes votes and 1 abstention.

December 5, 1996, minutes were just posted to the list for review; a vote will be called for via the list.


III. Announcements
Next meeting dates were listed as Jan. 8 and Jan. 15, both at 3:30 p.m.

TFAC accepted a resignation letter from Suzann Willison with regrets, and asked the student leaders to pursue a replacement by January 15, 1997.


IV. Report from Special Assistant for Technology
Bill Maki had contacted the University Relations Office to assist with a story in It's Happening at State concerning the Technology Fee program and the time schedule for the upcoming renewal process and new funding rounds. The Spectrum also has been contacted with a story to be featured sometime right after the semester break.

WWW issues have been a concern for students and faculty. The Information Technology Roundtable has a established a working group to address WWW Development. This group is preparing a plan which will address WWW support by investigating core resources, personnel issues, and the development of web presence.

Maki had made contact with various project leaders to obtain a brief status report on their Actions Plans. The information he received appeared to be positive in terms of a progress report. Projects, for the most part, were going extremely well, and were either ahead of schedule or right on schedule. Maki assured the TFAC that projects which might have gotten off to a slow start have been consulted.

Maki is working with the accounting office to obtain more specific details as to exact numbers of the Technology Fee dollars. TAFC have prepared estimated figures but would like to be more accurate in their data.

The WWWIC plan (approved at the November 14 meeting) has been forwarded to the President's Office and is pending approval.


V. Subcommittee Reports

Evaluation of Past Funding Process
No report at this time.

Monitoring Funded Action Plans:
The recent focus group sessions on December 10 went extremely well. There were positive comments from participants regarding the overall meeting. It also served as an educational tool to promote to participants exactly what the Technology Fee was doing to support technology needs on campus. TFAC would like to have the full reports available by its Jan 8 meeting if at all possible.
Other activities that will get underway shortly are the Open Forums and meetings with various student groups. Student Senate, Residence Housing associates, and Congress of Student Organizations are groups that were suggested for representatives of TFAC to meet with.

Soliciting New Action Plans:
By consensus the TFAC agreed to use the name "Action Plans" as a procedural term for soliciting the "call" for proposals.

Erik Sonju and John Fossum asked for input on the document which identifies the priorities and needs to be addressed in these plans. Discussion focused on the four main areas which this subcommittee felt needed the most attention. The areas identified resembled last years priorities with minor modifications. Of particular interest to TFAC was the issue of campus training needs. More and more emphasis appears to focus on technology literacy for students.
TFAC members agreed that a new draft be prepared for our January 8, 1997 meeting and that we focus on the procedural aspects of the "call.

Identification Labels and Logo:
John Fossum lead a discussion about the draft logos that were distributed to the committee at our previous meeting. The group indicated a preference for the design that had a power plug on it. Suggestions were made for some changes to that design. John agreed to work with the designer on the suggestions.


VI. Adjourn
Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Hanson & Phil McClean


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