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Plan Focus Groups, Review Action Plan

Meeting Minutes
November 14, 1996


I. Call to Order
II. Meeting Minutes
III. Announcements
IV. Subcommittee Reports
V. Funding
VI. Adjourn


I. Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by Val Tareski at 3:34 p.m.
Members Present: Val Tareski, Joan Chapek, John Fossum, John Grosen, Troy Guenther, Cathy Hanson, Prakash Mathew, Phil McClean, Bill Perrizo, Erik Sonju

Members absent: Bill Maki, Craig Schnell, Larissa Schmidt, Suzann Willison

Guest: Paul Juell


II. Meeting Minutes
Val asked for comments on the minutes of the last meeting. He made recommendations to change wording to clarify the perception of what was stated. Committee members agreed to such corrections and recommended approval with those changes being made.


III. Announcements
Next meeting date - Thursday, December 5, 1996.
Starting January 8, TFAC will tentatively meet on Wednesday's, at 3:30 p.m.


IV. Subcommittee Reports
Evaluation of Past Funding Process
There were no new items to discuss at this time.

Monitoring Funded Action Plans:
Room reservations have been made by Dr. Maki for the focus group sessions on December 10. There will be three groups used in this process: student leaders, students from the general student population and a combined group of faculty and staff. Each group will have 12 people. The sessions will be lead by facilitators from Speech/Mass Comm Department. The sessions will be video taped. There was discussion regarding the time frame. TFAC agreed to open with a general 20-30 minute session at 2:00 p.m., followed by the small group sessions and ending approximately at 4:15 or so to host closing reception. TFAC was asked to e-mail names of potential participants to Phil McClean. Invitations need to be sent out ASAP. Phil will be contacting Cathy to discuss what needs to be done next.

The subcommittee has identified three main areas to use as the basis for formulating questions. Categories include:
projects that have worked, and the funding process ideas about what we should be doing, general ideas and comments.
Each of these areas would contain sub-questions which would aid the facilitators during the sessions. The subcommittee will work on formulating questions with input from TFAC. Discussion on the questions will take place via the list.

  • What results should be gained from the focus group sessions?
  • The outcome should provide the TFAC with feedback about what we've done so far, how we can improve the process, and give us ideas about new target areas to address.
  • We would expect some common themes to surface which could be categorized, prioritized, and worked on by the committee.

Soliciting New Action Plans:
This subcommittee is reviewing a template which will be used in the solicitation process. An example should be made available for next meeting. The subcommittee is looking at a number of standardized sections to be used, (i.e., cover page, executive summary, budget). Because there are two types of funding rounds should additional progress information be included for those projects requesting renewal? Further discussion is needed.


Troy Guenther moved to set January 17, 1997, as the first round deadline for renewal of Action Plans and February 28, 1997, as the second round deadline for new Plans. John Fossum seconded motion. Motion carried.
Discussion regarding the motion involved a time frame for a decision to be conveyed to the parties involved in the process.

Bill Perrizo moved to recommend to the President and Vice President of Academic Affairs that there be no more than a month between when TFAC makes their recommendations to them and when the final decision is announced. John Grosen seconded motion. Motion carried.

Identification Labels and Logo:
Design activity of a logo is being worked on in University Relations. It was suggested that drafted designs be presented to the TFAC at the next meeting, December 5, for preliminary discussion. Val also asked the subcommittee to investigate and report on the cost of making up the stickers.

V. Funding

Contingency Fund:
Discussion was tabled until next meeting to allow time to review the WWWIC revised plan.

Revised plan from WWWIC
Val invited Dr. Paul Juell to address issues from TFAC on the WWWIC plan. Paul shared some general comments about the plan; group discussion followed.
The TFAC was reminded that this particular Action Plan was submitted last spring, and the project group was requested to provide clarifications as to the relationship between their PPRC funding and the proposed TFAC funding. Extenuating circumstances have delayed the subsequent review process of the revised Action Plan.

Bill Perrizo moved to accept the revised WWWIC plan with the deletion of $1,000 for travel expense. Funding would be for $43,750. Motion seconded by Troy Guenther. Motion carried with one abstention vote.


VI. Adjourn
There was no further discussion; meeting adjourned at 5:11 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Hanson/John Fossum


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