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Common Questions

How do I find out how my credits transfer?

College-level course work from regionally accredited colleges or universities (or equivalent for international institutions) is eligible for acceptance in transfer.

Course equivalency information for approved courses can be found online at The courses listed in this database have been evaluated based on information such as catalog descriptions and course syllabi.

This database may not include all courses at respective institutions. If a course is not listed, it has not previously been submitted to NDSU for evaluation. Unlisted courses are evaluated after you’re admitted.

Official transfer credit evaluations are conducted in the Office of Registration and Records. The evaluation process begins after a student is admitted to the university by the Admissions Office, or has completed the reactivation process with the Office of Registration and Records, if a returning NDSU student.

After your credits have been evaluated, you will receive an email from the Office of Registration and Records directing you to review your Transfer Credit Report in Campus Connection. This report will document which courses were accepted for credit and their equivalencies. Following the initial evaluation, an Academic Requirements Report will be created in Campus Connection.  The Academic Requirements Report will show your completed and remaining courses needed to earn your degree.

The evaluation process takes 3-4 weeks on average

Why won't my credits transfer?

College-level course work from regionally accredited colleges or universities (or equivalent for international institutions) is eligible for acceptance in transfer. Courses from a non-regionally accredited college or university are not eligible for transfer to NDSU.

Courses that are equivalent to remedial courses at NDSU, or defined as remedial or developmental by the transferring institution, may satisfy prerequisite requirements at NDSU, but credit will not be awarded in transfer.

In many cases not all courses transferred to NDSU are degree applicable. The extent, to which your transfer courses satisfy degree or program requirements at NDSU, depends on your chosen major. If courses transfer to the university, but do not apply toward your chosen major, they will still count toward the credit totals required to earn a degree

When can I register for classes?

Transfer student can register online at the same time as current NDSU students. Registration times are determined by the number of credits EARNED at the time of registration. Registration typically begins in November for the spring semester and in March for the summer and fall semesters. Registration information can be found online at:

Who is my adviser?

You can identify your advisor online via Campus Connection ( Go to the link titled "Student Center". Your advisor will be listed under the "Advisor" section. If an advisor is not yet assigned, you are encouraged to contact the academic department. Contact information for advisors can be found at

Contact us with questions

For more information... We are currently in the process of collecting Frequently Asked Questions for this page.  If you have a question not listed on this page, or would like further clarification of one of the questions posted, please use the contact page to identify the office best suited to answer your question.

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