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Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Transfer credit evaluations are conducted in the Office of Registration and Records. The evaluation process begins after a student is admitted to the university by the Admissions Office, or has completed the reactivation process with the Office of Registration and Records, if a returning NDSU student.

What do I need to do to have my credits evaluated?

Transcripts are considered official if sent directly from the transferring institution to NDSU, from the student in the sealed envelope provided by the transferring institution, or from an approved professional evaluation service that also authenticates educational documents. The evaluation process for international coursework differs from that of domestic coursework. See NDSU Transfer Policies for details regarding the evaluation of domestic and international transfer credit.

If you are a new student, transcripts may be sent to the following address:

NDSU Office of Admission
Dept 5230, P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

If you have completed at least one semester at NDSU, transcripts may be sent to the following address:

NDSU Registration and Records
Dept 5210, P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

If you wish to transfer international coursework to NDSU, please see the Evaluation of International Transfer Credit policy for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: if you earned college credit while in high school, official transcripts from each institution must also be sent to NDSU for evaluation of credit.

PROVIDE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS FOR ALL CREDIT BY EXAM SCORES.  Information on how to order transcripts for AP, CLEP, IB, and DSST can be found at:

Documentation of Transfer Credit

After your courses are evaluated, you will receive a letter from your College Liaison in the Office of Registration and Records detailing how to access an Advisement Report, which includes a complete list of transfer courses, their NDSU equivalents, general education designation for each course (if applicable); as well as a listing of all required major courses.

Advisement Report Viewing Instructions >

You may also find a Transfer Credit Report, which shows all of the courses that were transferred to NDSU, organized by the transferring institution and the term taken. This report does not include general education designations for applicable transfer courses, or show how courses will apply toward your intended major.

Transfer Credit Report Viewing Instructions >

Application of Transfer Credits

For practical purposes there are three main types of transfer credit that you will see on your curriculum guide or advisement report:

"Free Elective" courses may only count toward total credits, and not general education or major requirements, with the following exceptions:

Completion of General Education Curriculum

Students transferring to NDSU after having completed a general education program consisting of at least 36 semester credits from another regionally accredited institution are considered to have completed their lower-division general education requirements at NDSU.

HAVE QUESTIONS about Transferring to NDSU?... Please contact:

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