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High School Students

Transfer Credit Evaluation

High School students who earn college-level credit while taking high school courses may transfer that credit to NDSU. Please note that high school students with transfer credit are still considered first-year students, and must follow the procedures for admission of first-year students. For admission information, please visit

All first-year students are also required to attend an orientation session at NDSU. Orientation at NDSU will acquaint you with the campus and give you an opportunity to discuss the many facets of university life in small-group discussions. Information on academic requirements, course offerings, financial aid, campus activities and more will be offered. For registration information, please visit

To receive college credit at NDSU, arrange to have official transcripts from each college or university that awarded the credit sent to the NDSU Office of Admisison. The evaluation of transfer credit occurs after a student is admitted to NDSU, will take approximately 2-4 weeks (please refer to the Evaluation of Transfer Credit section for additional details).

Transcripts are considered official if sent directly from the transferring institution to NDSU or from the student in the sealed envelope provided by the transferring institution. Transcripts may be sent to the following address:

NDSU Office of Admisison
Dept 5230, P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

In addition, if you took exams for AP, IB, or CLEP courses while in high school and did not have them directly sent to NDSU, please arrange to have the official transcripts for the exam results sent to NDSU. Contact information for all credit by exam agencies, as well as course equivalency information may be found at:

Advisement Report / Transfer Equivalency Worksheet

After your courses are evaluated, a copy of the following will be sent to you by a college liaison in the Office of Registration and Records:

  • Curriculum guide for your intended major, in which all applicable transfer courses will be plotted to illustrate completion of major requirements, general education requirements, or free electives

    - OR -

  • An Advisement Report, which includes a complete list of transfer courses, their NDSU equivalents, general education designations for each course, if applicable; as well as a listing of all required major courses

Accessing Your Advisement Report or Transfer Credit Report Online

A Transfer Credit Report will also be accessible for all students under the “Student Center” section on your Campus Connection account. (navigation = "Student Center > My Academics > View My Transfer Credit Report")

If you also received an Advisement Report from your college liaison, that will also be accessible under the “Student Center” section on your Campus Connection account. (navigation = “Student Center > My Academics > View My Transfer Advisement Report”)

Application of Transfer Credits

For practical purposes there are three main types of transfer credit that you will see on your curriculum guide or advisement report:

Credit for major requirements and college specific courses (determined by each academic college and department)

HAVE QUESTIONS about Transferring to NDSU?... Please contact:

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