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Master of Managerial Logistics

Changing global environments pose great challenges for civilian and military logisticians alike. Response operations require huge amounts of material and personnel delivered in precise quantities and with precise timing. A key to meeting these challenges is a joint interdisciplinary approach to logistics.

The online Master of Managerial Logistics program targets inspiring logisticians, industry professionals, military officers and DOD civilians who want to meet the logistical challenges of the 21st century. A wide range of career opportunities exists in the logistics industry: logistics and supply chain management, operations management, purchasing and demand management, emergency management, consulting, retail and many more.

An advanced degree in logistics will help you stand out above others when you begin your career, or advance your career in industry, government, or military service. The master of managerial logistic degree at NDSU will enhance your knowledge, skills, and opportunities for a successful career in the transportation or logistic sectors. Advance your education now and become that leader who sets the industry pace.

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