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Program Requirements: McNair Scholars enter a written contract which includes but is not limited to participation in seminars, monthly research activity, library meetings, written research documents which will be submitted in a portfolio, and an oral presentation of their research work. McNair Scholars must also make satisfactory academic progress and maintain good standing as determined by the outcome goals of the grant.

Student Services Provided: The McNair Program offers educational and supportive services to help prepare students for the rigors of graduate education. These services include academic enrichment, preparation for graduate school admission and examinations, and opportunities for research under the guidance of university professors and librarians who serve as mentors.

Mentoring Provided: Once a candidate is accepted as a McNair Scholar at NDSU, a faculty mentor is chosen by the student in consultation with the director. The faculty mentors chosen to participate in the McNair Program, in addition to being scholars in their chosen disciplines, exhibit a high degree of interest and support for the undergraduate students. Each is chosen to maximize student development in the research process and to cultivate critical thinking. These faculty members also provide valuable guidance to students when they are making choices of graduate study.

In addition, library mentors have been selected to help McNair Scholars prepare research materials for their projects. McNair Scholars meet with their library mentors individually throughout the year to develop strategies for successfully negotiating the large and complex world of references, journal articles, and computer-aided searches.

Stipends for McNair Scholars: Students participating in the McNair Program receive stipends of up to $2,800 per calendar year once the scholar has attained 60+ college credits. Travel to professional conventions and/or graduate school visits are offered if funds are available.

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