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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked question that students have about being undecided about their major at NDSU.

When should I choose a Major?

Though there is no real deadline, you are encouraged to select a major by the end of your first year.  If you haven't selected a major by this time, you need to at least decide on an area of interest to explore.  


How do I decide on a major?

NDSU has many resources to help you make this decision, but first you should begin with a careful self-assessment. What are your interests, skills, and values? After you've come to a better understanding of yourself, you'll need to gather some information about possible careers and the majors that will lead you to those careers. Check out the Career Library in Counseling Center (Ceres 212), where you will find books, pamphlets, and computer programs to help you make that important decision. The Counseling Center also offers a Career Planning class (Educ 124) that you might find helpful. There are various sites on the internet that you can explore like My Finally, your advisor can also be a good resource for further information.


Where do I go to change my major?

When you've made your decision on a major, you can come to our office (112 Morrill Hall), talk to your advisor, and fill out a Major/Minor and Advisor Change form which is then sent to the Office of Registration and Records. Or, you can go to either Bison Connection Office in the Memorial Union or the Office of Registration and Records (Ceres 110) and fill out the form there.

How can I find out what careers go with what majors?

The Career Resource Center (Ceres 212) should be the first place you go to find out what careers would go with a particular major. It is a very good resource for career exploration, and you will find books with career possibilities listed by major or personality type. There are also good resources on the web that you might find helpful. The North Dakota State University Career Center has a page called Job Titles by Major that will give you ideas about career paths.   The University of Tennessee hosts a page called "What Can I Do With This Major?" that also has some useful information on this topic.

What classes do I take while I'm deciding on my major?

While you are taking the time to carefully consider the various career paths open to you, you should focus on taking two different kinds of classes. First, take classes that fulfill the general education requirements; they will be needed in any program of study. Next, focus on courses that will help you explore your interests. Consider taking more advanced versions of courses you enjoyed in high school. Do you have a part-time job that you enjoy? Perhaps you could take a course in a related field. Most fields offer introductory courses that will give you a taste of what a major in that area would have to offer. Take the time to do some exploring.


If you have a question about anything related to NDSU and don't know who to ask, a great place to start is your academic advisor or the Bison Connection Office in the Memorial Union.


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