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New Course Descriptions

Introduction to Vaccinology Seminar (PSCI 291)

This course introduces students to the field of vaccinology and aspects of the bioscience industry related to vaccine discovery, production, and testing.  Students will learn about the history of vaccines, the production of vaccines in a regulated environment and the benefits and concerns with vaccine use. 

Vaccinology Senior Seminar (PSCI 491)

This course covers vaccine types, delivery, efficacy and safety.  Students learn about the mechanism of action of different vaccines traditional verses modern vaccine production methods, the process of clinical trials and approval for new vaccines and ethical concerns related to vaccine use.

Vaccinology Research Experience  (PSCI 400)

Vaccinology Research Experience is a research-based course to provide familiarity for students who wish to work in vaccine development, biopharmaceutical industry and biomedical research and industry.  This course incorporates both hands-on training using scientific equipment and provides the opportunity for students to work as a team on a research project.  Students will design and develop a real-world, peptide or DNA-based vaccine against hookworm, vaccinate mice, measure immune response and challenge the animals with the parasite. 

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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