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List of Allies

VALOR Logo Badge

The following students, faculty, and staff have been certified as a veteran ally through VALOR training and displays the VALOR badge in their office, on a syllabus, etc.


AllyCampus AddressCampus PhoneEmail Address
Colleen AasWest Dining Center231.8830

Tracy Barrett422-L Minard Hall231.7666

Erika Berg174 Hultz Hall231.9611

Tina M. Berger121 Stop & Go Center231.7543

Ben Bernard     

10A Klai Hall         


Dennis Cooley422J Minard Hall231.7038

Susan Council100A Barry Hall231.8807

Carol Cwiak428 B12 Minard Hall231.5847

Laura Dallmann1411 Centennial Blvd.231.7607

Jylisa Doney218C Main Library231.8817

Shelly Engebretson100 Hultz Hall231.7643

Jeanne Frenzel118F Sudro Hall231.8546

Laura Garske-HermansonH102 Stop & Go Center231.7328

Allison Goosens306 Ceres 
Katie Gordon232 Minard Hall231.9798

Scarlet Gray Bernard16C Library231.8250

Amanda Groom222G Sudro Hall231.8110

Kristen A. Hahne1F Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse231.9613

Joel Hanson108 Eng. 
Diane Harrison176 MU, NDSU Card Center231.6252

Tammy Helweg124 W Bison Court


Loretta Heuer120 D Stop & Go Center231.8205

Emily Hoadley106 Library231.6505

Adam HohmanD133 Stop & Go Center231.8016

Kay Hopkins100B Barry Hall231.8826

Beth Ingram506 Barry Hall231.7513

Emmanuel Jinor306 Ceres 
Bridget Kessler306 Ceres Hall231.8936

Kevin A. Kettner112 Morrill Hall231.5903

Keshia Kotula222F Sudro Hall231.8308

Joan M. Krush258 B7 QBB231.5799

Wendy McCrory

176 MU, NDSU Card Center  231.7093

Debra McDonough232 B8 Minard Hall231.8607

Deona McEnery316J Minard Hall231-8503  

Kate Nelson306 Ceres Hall231.9728

Amy Ochoa100 Old Main231.8097

Karen P. Peirce6C Main

Tyler Perkins

Thompson Hall, Dir. Office231.3234

Claudette Peterson216 C FLC231.7085

Jered Pigeon178 MU231.7267

Amanda Reil310 Ceres 
Tayt Rinehardt100D Barry Hall231.8358

Cece Rohwedder206B QBB 231.5646

Kolby Schaeffer Fraase222M Sudro Hall231.8002

Kari Schmitz-Eilertson102H Stop & Go Center231.6251

Olivia Scott306 Ceres Hall231.7110

Angela Skaff1805 Research Park Dr.231.7238

Andrea Smith332 Richard Barry Hall231.7096

Matthew Smith209A Geosciences231.7628

Gerald (Jerry) South306 Ceres Hall231.6122

Jim Stoddard329 Ceres 
Kaye Temanson316H Minard Hall231.5052

Katherine Tulibaski100C Barry Hall231.8480

Kate Ulmer428 Minard Hall231.8657

Sara Van de Streek306A Ceres Hall231.7237

Alison Ward108 Hultz Hall231.5649

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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VALOR (Veterans Alliance Organization)
Phone: +1 (701) 231-7985 / Toll Free: +1 (800) 608-6378 / Fax: (701) 231-8959
Campus address: Ceres Hall 211
Physical/delivery address: 1301 Administration Ave., Fargo, ND 58102
Mailing address: NDSU Dept. 2831 / P.O. Box 6050 / Fargo, ND 58108-6050
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