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Resources for Allies

A variety of resources are provided here to help allies learn more about military and veteran students. This page will be updated periodically with new resources. Allies who are aware of other resources that merit sharing with the VALOR community should send them to 

Primary Training Resource - PsychArmor Institute

VALOR is using dozens of free training resources available at the PsychArmor Institute for baseline training and advanced training opportunities for allies. This site offers a wide variety of courses designed to enhance knowledge about topics relevant to veterans (see the course library ).  Allies need to register on the site (this registration is free) to complete the courses. The site then tracks completion of these short courses via a transcript and awards badges. VALOR is working with PsychArmor to set up a NDSU-specific tracing system. In the interim, the general PsychArmor system will track your course completion and badge levels. PsychArmor course completions are one of the items considered regarding the VALOR Ally of the Year Award.

Allies are required to complete - 15 Things Veterans Want You to Know.

The VALOR Star Pathway allows you to earn stars specific to completion of designated coursework blocks (all courses are found at: These stars will be integrated into our ally listing and each star unit should be completed before moving on to more advanced units.

VALOR Ally: One Star

 1. 15 Things Military Veterans Want You to Know

 2. Why Veterans Are an Invaluable Resource in the Community

 3. Why Collaboration is So Important in Supporting Military Members, Veterans, Their Families and Caregivers

 4. Myths and Facts of Wounded Warriors

 5. Veterans 101: Military Culture

 6. Veterans 101: Service Branch Overview

 7. Veterans 201: Veterans

 8. Women Who Serve

VALOR Ally: Two Stars

 1. Invisible Wounds of War Overview

 2. Battle Forged, Business Ready: What is PTSD?

 3. Battle Forged, Business Ready: How PTSD Presents at Work

 4. Battle Forged, Business Ready: Helping Veterans with PTSD Succeed

 5. Battle Forged, Business Ready: What is TBI?

 6. Battle Forged, Business Ready: How TBI Presents at Work

 7. Battle Forged, Business Ready: Helping Veterans with TBI Succeed

 8. Hiring and Retaining Women Veterans

VALOR Ally: Three Stars

 1. Battle Forged, Business Ready: What is Depression?

 2. Battle Forged, Business Ready: Helping Veterans with Depression to Succeed

 3. Military Sexual Trauma

 4. Suicide in the Military

 5. S.A.V.E.

 6. Helping Others Hold On

VALOR Ally: Four Stars

 Complete an additional eight PsychArmor courses of your choice.

Other Important Ally Resources

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