As a department, we have two main goals: (1) exploring novel research and (2) sharing with students our fascination and knowledge of dynamic disciplines in microbiology, including bacteriology, epidemiology, fungal biology, immunology, molecular biology, parasitology, and virology. We work to achieve excellence in these areas by creating a student-centered environment that values diversity and encourages discovery, ingenuity, integrity, and collegiality.

Our Highlight Reel

The spring 2015 VMS Scientific Writing students are excited to share with you the day-in-the-life profiles they conceived, filmed, and produced this semester. For more from our VMS student filmmakers, click here.

Day in the Life of a VMS Undergraduate from Dept. of VMS at NDSU on Vimeo.

Day in the Life of a VMS Grad Student from Dept. of VMS at NDSU on Vimeo.

All the Places You'll Go

The MICR 354 Scientific Writing students caught up with a bunch of alums this past fall (2014). Click on the link below to check out their profiles.

Alumni Profiles Archive