As a department, we have two main goals: (1) exploring novel research and (2) sharing with students our fascination and knowledge of dynamic disciplines in microbiology, including bacteriology, epidemiology, fungal biology, immunology, molecular biology, parasitology, and virology. We work to achieve excellence in these areas by creating a student-centered environment that values diversity and encourages discovery, ingenuity, integrity, and collegiality.

Our Highlight Reel

Congratulations 2016 Graduates

VMS graduate students serving the community

VMS graduate students were serving some of the area's younger citizens at the 2nd Annual AoSD (Avenues of Scientific Discovery) on April 7th. AoSD is a graduate student-led event that creates a fun and safe environment for area high school students to learn about core science concepts from a number of different disciplines. The VMS booth featured microbe art and pond water protozoans. Check out these clips from Valley News Live's Valley Today.

Adam Edwinson and Breanne Steffan on Valley News Live

Chelsey Grassie and Jennifer Murphy on Valley News Live

Check out Immunology and Serology Lab with Tom Gustad

Want to know more about vaccines and how to elicit an immune response? Check out this video on MICR 471 Immunology and Serology by the NDSU Office of Teaching and Learning. Instructor Tom Gustad will walk you through an immunization experiment and impart a little teaching wisdom along the way.

Fieldwork with Dr. Peter Bergholz's lab

This past spring, Dr. Peter Bergholz was honored with a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation. The award will fund Bergholz's research and teaching efforts in microbial genomics, ecology, and evolution. This video describes the project and highlights some of the fieldwork the Bergholz lab has been doing.

PBergholz from Dept. of VMS at NDSU on Vimeo.

For more VMS videos, click here.

All the Places You'll Go

The MICR 354 Scientific Writing students caught up with a bunch of alums this past fall (2014). Click on the link below to check out their profiles.

Alumni Profiles Archive