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Status of the Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding


NDSU has signed the MOU and DoD has approved NDSU as a participating institution.


The Department of Defense has released the new MOU. The deadline for institutions to sign the MOU is March 1, 2013. The MOU is currently under review at NDSU. 

The full announcement may be read at

MARCH 26, 2012 (UPDATE)

Currently, the Department of Defense is internally coordinating an amended MOU within the Pentagon. Once all coordination is completed, schools will have ample opportunity to review the MOU prior to their signing and the policy going into effect. DoD anticipates the policy will go into effect during the summer of 2012. As soon as the staffing is completed, the amended MOU and the policy implementation date will be announced on the DoD MOU web page. No school will be rendered ineligible for TA after March 30, 2012 if they have not signed the MOU until the policy’s new implementation date.

The full announcement may be read at


On Friday, December 16th, DoD announced they are providing a 90-day extension. The new implementation date of the MOU is March 30, 2012.

NOVEMBER 9, 2011

Recently the Department of Defense (DoD) established a new policy outlining the eligibility criteria for federal tuition assistance (FTA) in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The DoD requested that all institutions that participate in the DoD Military FTA program sign the MOU before students can receive their FTA dollars, effective spring 2012 semester.  

At this time, NDSU has not signed the MOU.  However, key NDSU officials are closely reviewing the MOU to ensure compliance with its own stated academic and financial policies.  While NDSU recognizes this may create uncertainty for those students who rely on their FTA dollars to fund their education, NDSU has a responsibility to ensure that the criteria outlined in the MOU can be faithfully executed by the university.  

NDSU students receiving FTA must request this benefit through PRIOR TO December 31 to ensure receipt of tuition assistance.   

NDSU remains committed to all its veteran/military students and their academic success.  As more information is made available, updates will be made on this web site. DoD announcements may also be found at

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