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NDSU Visual Arts and our community of supporters are committed to supporting the development of our student artists and designers.  Every year we give over $40,000 to students to study and be inspired at NDSU and beyond. 


Are you an incoming freshman, or transfer students?
Jim Falck Four Year Scholarship for New Students

Jim Falck believed that it takes time to develop as an artist and that by supporting a student over their studies, it directly helps develop artists and designers make change in the world. Jim's endowment suppports incoming freshman and transfer students through continunous investment for up to 4 years.

Rolling Deadline  

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Are you a current visual art student?
Frederick G. Walsh Scholarship

Fred lead a diverse, engaged and very eclectic life full of arts, psychology and military service before coming to teach at NDSU to chair the Speech and Theatre Department in 1952.

Jim and Sonja Ozbun Scholarship

This endowed fund, established in 1995 to honor Jim Ozbun's retirement as president of NDSU, provides scholarships to support talented students in the three fine arts areas: music, theatre, and visual arts. The awards are available to both new and continuing students who show promise as an artist, show promise of academic success, and demonstrate current or prospective contribution to the fine arts at NDSU through performance or exhibition. 

Jim Falck Scholar Artist

For existing or including students and it’s a renewal scholarship. One year or renewal scholarship to support students pursuing careers in the arts and design. This scholarship was established by an endowment from Jim Falck’s estate in 2015. Falck was an NDSU alum, architect and painter. Initially, he wished to study art but ended up studying architecture for its practicality. Later in life, he returned to school for a BFA in Fine Arts. Falck’s paintings have been exhibited widely. His hope was that this scholarship would enable students passionate about art to study art despite their economic status. He established the endowment to give future artists the financial support to pursue their dreams.

Jo Ann Garaas Skabo and Dr. Robert Skabo Visual Arts Scholarship

The Jo Ann Garaas Skabo and Dr. Robert Skabo Endowed Fund was established to enhance the educational opportunities of students enrolled in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at NDSU, and to encourage appreciation of the arts in the campus community at large through scholarships, exhibitions, visiting artists and other supportive endeavors. Why the arts? We believe involvement in and appreciation of the arts are essential elements in the well being of individuals and communities. Reduced public funding for these areas makes it ever more important for private support. Jo Ann was always drawing growing up and though she didn’t pursue art as a career, she did return later in life to complete her MFA. She credits NDSU as planting the seed of her passion for the arts. 

Wayne Tollefson Scholarship

In 1968, after studying art in Kansas and Michigan, Wayne became the first head of the Fine Arts Department. He taught for 33 years retiring in 2001. He was also exhibited nationally and internationally. He established this scholarship to help support visual arts students. 

Deadline: March 1 

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Can you see yourself in Italy?
The Jim Falck Italy Scholarship

The Jim Falck Viterbo Scholarship began with generous donations from NDSU alum, Jim Falck, a world traveler, artist and arts advocate who believed that students from NDSU need to “see the world.” Jim knew that studying in Viterbo, Italy would change the lives of student artists in the same way it had his. Upon his passing in 2013, an endowment was established to continue this scholarship to give students this transformative experience.

This award goes to one art major in good standing to take classes through Montserrat College of Art/Viterbo, Italy where they will spend four weeks in Viterbo, Italy during the summer. They can choose among courses in Art History, Figure Drawing, Painting, Landscape Painting, Landscape Photography and Journal Writing. A non-credit course in Fresco Painting is also offered. Approximately 25 students from around the world will also be attending this program. Click here for more information: . Click here for the application. (turn these into clickable buttons.)

Deadline: November 1 

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