Responsibilities for Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities in Extension Programs

Notice in Program Announcements

Please be sure that your announcements about programs include not only the standard equal opportunity language (NDSU is an equal opportunity institution) but also an invitation for individuals with disabilities who need accommodation to notify you prior to the program. Specify a date by which individuals should notify you so that you have adequate time to make the appropriate arrangements.


Providing accommodations is required by law and is NOT optional. However, there are often alternatives to how an accommodation(s) may be provided. Handling requests for accommodation is often a public relations matter; that is, the MANNER in which requests are handled may be more important than how the accommodation is made. If you have questions when responding to requests, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Equity, Diversity and Global Outreach at (701) 231-7708.

One type of request for accommodation could be for a sign language interpreter. Since interpreters are in relatively short supply, it would be a good idea to identify any interpreters in your community and/or county and make a record of their contact information for your office.

If this service is not available nearby, these agencies in Fargo provide interpreter services: Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD) (701) 291-1131, (701) 799-1395 and ASI Professional Associates (701) 241-7847. Another agency that provides interpreter services is Certified Interpreting & Consulting (CIC) (877-283-5331 – office; 800-865-5334) located in Fergus Falls, Minn. These agencies may also be able to identify individuals in your area who provide this service.  

Alternative Formats

You may get requests to provide information in alternative formats; for example, a written document in an audio format for a person with a visual impairment. Agriculture Communication is prepared to help you with such requests. Call Agriculture Communication at (701) 231-7881 to make arrangements in advance, and before making a commitment to provide information in a particular format or by a particular date. We have a responsibility to provide the information within a reasonable period of time, but what’s reasonable may vary with the type of request.

For events requiring preregistration:

Requests for accommodations related to disability should be made to ______________ [name] at (701) ____________  by ___________ [date].

Please check any accommodations you may need during the _________  [workshop/school/field day, etc.]

__  sign language interpreter

__  FM amplification system (specify type_____________________)

__  materials in alternative format; please indicate preferred format (audio-taped, large print, etc.):  ________________________________________________________________________________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­

__  sighted guides for assistance to/from specific sessions

__  other________________________________________________


Note: the date for accommodations is usually the same as the preregistration deadline. 

For a series of programs that run for several days, use:

Requests for accommodations related to disability should be made to ______________ [name] at (701) ____________  one week prior to the event.

For events NOT requiring preregistration:

Requests for accommodations related to disability should be made to ______________ [name] at (701) ____________  by ___________ [date].

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