Overarching Guidance
  • Governor Burgum rescinded the state emergency declaration due to COVID 19 on April 30, 2021
  • NDSU President Bresciani has asked all remote NDSU workers to return to their duty stations no later than June 7, 2021
    • Effective August 23, 2021 masks are optional outside of NDSU campus classrooms.
    • Every person should be comfortable to continuing to wear a mask in their personal discretion and should not face any pressure to discontinue mask usage.
    • All county offices, RECs and other off campus locations have completed risk assessments and have developed protocols in the event the risk level increases. County offices observe normal work schedules congruent with guidance from the county.
2021 Field Days, Large Group and 4-H Gathering Guidance

This guidance provides details for hosting gatherings that are congruent with the current NDSU and state recommendations. If local restrictions (county or city) are more restrictive, they are to be followed.

Guideline Clarifications
COVID Travel Guidance Update

Multiple employees are now allowed in the same vehicle for travel. To reduce the risk of COVID transmission, vaccinations are strongly encouraged for all employees. This is particularly true for those who are traveling as part of work teams in the same vehicle.

In-state travel: Employees or supervisors wishing to have groups travel in the same vehicle should have their request reviewed and approved by their department head, chair, or director prior to expected travel dates. Approval at the Vice President’s level for this type of travel is no longer required.

Employees who do not feel comfortable traveling in groups may discuss the situation with their department head, chair, or director to seek alternative solutions.

This guidance is subject to change as conditions related to variants and other issues related to COVID transmission changes.

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