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Federal Grants Civil Rights

Federal Agencies place a high priority on civil rights enforcement.  Part of this is to integrate civil rights enforcement throughout the federal agencies, including every program that receives federal funding.

Federal agencies may conduct pre- and/or post-award reviews for civil rights compliance. 

Please be aware, as part of any federal grant, the P.I. and all individuals (including sub-contractors and external experts) involved in grant activities must be made aware of their civil rights.  Federal agency may periodically evaluate/audit on whether or not the agency supported programs and activities are implemented in a fair and equitable manner and in accordance with civil rights rules and regulations.

  • The granting agency itself may provide information as well. 
  • The link below provides access to the 26 federal grant-making agencies through website:

The agency may inquire about:

  • Records and responsibilities related to civil rights.
  • Employee awareness and training related to E/O and civil rights.
  • Individuals’ awareness on where to file a civil rights complaint to at NDSU and at the federal agency.
  • Civil rights program trainings.
  • Public notifications including brochures, posters, newsletters all public notifications must contain the non-discrimination statement.
  •  Program outreach (Do you review census data and reach out to the underserved and/or underrepresented?) (Do you use provide outreach in other languages as necessary?).
  • Documentation: anti-harassment policy, civil rights statement, civil rights training, “And Justice For All Posters” for USDA related grants/monies.
  • ADA accessibility.
  • Information and/or demographics about recruitment.

The above is meant as examples of possible inquiries and doesn’t represent an inclusive list of potential questions.

USDA Non Discrimination Requests

And Justice For All poster link

For additional assistance related to civil rights inquiries contact the Office of Equity, Diversity and Global Outreach or Sponsored Programs

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