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Social Security Numbers: Review, Secure, Destroy, Comply

North Dakota State University (NDSU) recognizes that it collects and maintains Social Security numbers (SSNs). The University, in the course of its operations, is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and proper handling of this information.

Social Security numbers are legally protected data and highly confidential information. The University is committed to protecting individual's SSNs; therefore, the use of SSNs as identification numbers must be limited. This Web site provides information, standards and guidelines on the proper use, disclosure, and destruction of SSN data. It is the duty of the University to:

  • Inform individuals when the collection of SSNs is required;
  • Identify the authority that specifies the need for SSNs;
  • Define the purpose(s) for collection and use of SSNs;
  • Outline the consequences that may occur when SSNs are not protected.

Click on the links below to learn more about protecting SSNs and other confidential information.

Social Security Numbers Standards and Guidelines

Social Security Numbers Standards and Guidelines (PDF version)

Social Security Numbers Procedures for Storage and Removal

Social Security Numbers Procedures for Storage and Removal (PDF version)

Associated Laws and Policies

SSN Operation_Find_Lite Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

SSN Audit Compliance Form

SSN Request for Exception Form

NDSU Policy 713 Records Retention Management Web site

NDSU Policy 713 Records Retention Schedule

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